Spectacular NBA playoff art will have you hyped for the conference finals

May 16, 2016

The NBA conference finals produced some true masterpieces even before the games started.

Artist Asur Misoa dazzled us with her art to start the postseason, and she's back with a couple of incredible pieces to celebrate the conference finals -- with some incredible finishing touches.

The Golden State Warriors and Oklahoma City Thunder meet high above the Bay, because apparently Oracle Arena wasn't good enough for these two teams. Note that the Warrior is that high in the air thanks to some Rocket(s)-powered boots and wielding the Trail Blazers' axe, acquired from the previous round.

The Thunder's accompanying lightning is very clearly taking after the Spurs, which is a cruel mockery of the ancient team you just beat, OKC. And a poor Mavericks horse serves as the grounding point on the bridge. That's rough, Dallas.


In the Eastern Conference, meanwhile, the Cleveland Cavaliers were gifted the power of flight thanks to their victory over the Atlanta Hawks, while their sword is adorned with a Pistons-esque horsehead on the hilt.

They face off against the fire-breathing, rapidly-sprinting Toronto Raptors, vanquishers of the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers.

To say nothing of the actual basketball, we're taking the Raptors and Thunder in these art-based battles -- although it kind of seems like cheating that Oklahoma City gets both thunder and lightning.