LeBron James compares his relationship with Tyronn Lue to a good marriage

BY foxsports • June 17, 2016

It's been only five months since Tyronn Lue was named the head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers, being thrust into the role after David Blatt was fired in January, and he's seemingly packed five years worth of experience into that time.

Lue first had to overcome the assumption that LeBron, and not Cavs management, was the one who made the hire, and then he had to fight the perception that LeBron was actually the one coaching the team.

Finally, in March, as LeBron tweeted cryptic messages and ditched the Cavs on an off day to work out with Dwyane Wade in Miami, Lue had to have a sitdown with his biggest star and tell him straight up that he had to behave differently.

All of that led to earlier this week, before Game 5, when Lue might have had his biggest moment yet as the Cavs' coach. With Cleveland down 3-1 facing a must-win game in Oakland, Lue quoted gave a Civil War-inspired pregame speech in which he quoted Mark Twain and his grandfather. It worked only because Lue had earned the sincere respect of James and the rest of the Cavs.

After the Cavs beat Golden State in Game 6 Thursday night, LeBron was asked about his relationship with Lue and how he would compare him to the other coaches he's played for.

LeBron gave a deep answer revealing why the two men connect, comparing his relationship with Lue to a genuine marriage.

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