If this tweet couldn't excite Spurs' Kawhi Leonard, nothing ever will

BY foxsports • February 4, 2016

Last month, a huge Kawhi Leonard/San Antonio Spurs fan sent this tweet into the universe:

The response from everyone who saw it, obviously, was to immediately give it a retweet. People love when other people are willing to put themselves out there, especially on the internet. 

Of course, 12,000 retweets was eventually accomplished, and said Spurs fan made good on his promise:

This is where things take an absolutely hilarious turn. Can anyone who's ever watched Kawhi do anything to predict what his reaction to all this madness was? A smile? A laugh? Did his jaw hit the floor as his eyes bugged out of his head?

Of course not!

Leonard's off-court persona is somehow even more consistent than his on-court persistence to dominate every inch of the floor. He's a serious, quiet dude who probably doesn't know what retweets are. Leonard follows six accounts on Twitter, and has only tweeted four times. (His second tweet was his greatest tweet.)

The reigning Defensive Player of the Year probably thinks his fan's decision to copy his hairstyle is really cool -- he just expresses it in his own way. He's introverted and awesome, and we've now gone 200 words without even mentioning that he's probably one of the three best basketball players on the planet right now.

Just imagine how popular he'd be if he cared what you thought about him.