Ben Simmons joins Sixers fans in 'Raise the Cat,' is a national treasure

BY Dan Carson • January 21, 2017

Philadelphia 76ers fans are understandably pumped.

The team is winning, Embiid is Embiiding and role players like T.J. McConnell and Robert Covington are taking turns at hitting game-winners.

All is right with The Process, and this newfound state of happiness has had its...effects on the fan base at large. Most notably, they are celebrating by Simba-hoisting cats above their head—live, living and confused cats.

We'll get to the why in a second, but first, here is Ben Simmons double-fisting cats.

The 76ers rookie posted the picture to Twitter on Saturday after seeing similar pictures being shared by Sixers fans throughout the week.

An owner of two cats, Simmons asked fans what the deal was with the kitty lifting, and as's Rob Tornoe noted, the cat thing became a thing after fans following Simmons' Snapchat noticed his cats' penchant for perching on high places—his shoulder, for example.

Fans started hashtagging "#RaiseTheCat" after Philadelphia's upset win against the Charlotte Hornets the previous week and its sort of Snowballed from there.

There's even a "Raise the Cat" shirt you can buy for the feline/Process connoisseur in your life.

Strong work, Processees. You've started your own weird thing yet again, and everyone else is struggling to keep up.

Dan is on Twitter. Get it? Because "Snowball" is a cat name.

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