Will Edwards tumble out of Chase?

BY Jeff Hammond • August 30, 2012

A lot of fans have asked me in recent weeks whether I believe Carl Edwards'  Chase of the Sprint Cup dream for 2012 is over since has yet to win a race and there are only two left in NASCAR's regular season.

I don’t think Edwards is done.

Last Saturday night, Edwards and his team had a great opportunity to close the gap on their points situation. I don’t think they had the best car at Bristol but probably had one that was a top-five car. Unfortunately, they made a mistake on their pit cycle and it ultimately hurt them.

If you watched or heard any of Edwards' postrace comments, he left no doubt that they all understand over there on the No. 99 team that they have to let it all hang out and swing for the fences. They have nothing to lose.

Now, don’t get me wrong, they realize that doesn’t mean being stupid about it, because they still have a mathematical shot of getting into the Chase. I think that gives Edwards and the team hope to continue to race hard, lead laps and be fast. They clearly realize they have to roll off the truck fast and be fast in the race these next two weekends.

I look for Edwards to do whatever he has to do to either win a race or gain the points that can possibly get him in the Chase that way. I can just tell you that if Edwards is running second on the last lap of with a chance to win, well I know I wouldn’t want to be the one he is chasing and needing to pass.

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