Volkswagen has no interest in joining NASCAR

BY foxsports • November 22, 2009

Hans-Joachim Stuck, group communication motorsport representative of Volkswagen, says he might be "NASCAR's biggest fan" but there have been no formal talks regarding entry into the sport.

Stuck said he's discussed NASCAR with Dr. Martin Winterkorn, CEO of the Volkswagen Group, and the consensus is VW needs to be in a series where the company can "display our German technology and (NASCAR) is a marketing (platform)."

"I can tell you very honestly that's not going to happen"
Hans-Joachim Stuck on VW joining NASCAR

"That's not an argument (Winterkorn) can accept," Stuck added

Stuck believes that NASCAR "is the best racing in the world today," and admires the 40-plus cars on the grid and the side-by-side competition. However, the lack of sophisticated engineering incorporated in the cars "is very difficult for Germans to accept."

Stuck said that VW subsidiary Audi Sport's Ulrich Baretzky has talked to both IndyCar and the Grand-Am Road Racing Series. "There's something in the drawer," Stuck said. However, he doesn't anticipate the Audi brand being prepared to compete in either series before the 2011 season.

What appeared to interest Stuck the most was the development of a so-called "global" engine for Formula One. Stuck believed the engine, which would be built under a common set of rules, could be an option for Indy as well.

But as far as any interest in NASCAR?

"For sure not," Stuck said. "I can tell you very honestly that's not going to happen."

Rumors began on Saturday when top NASCAR officials confirmed to The Associated Press that Hans-Joachim Stuck met with the sanctioning body Saturday at the track. The officials requested anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the meeting.

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