In balance: 2014 NASCAR Hall of Fame class features right mix

BY Larry McReynolds • January 22, 2014

Next week NASCAR is inducting another class into the NASCAR Hall of Fame. I really like the balance of this class. I still love the fact that the voting committee recognizes this is a NASCAR Hall of Fame and not a Sprint Cup Series Hall of Fame. I like that a lot.

For example, Jack Ingram absolutely wrote the book on being an independent championship-winning driver in what we know today as the Nationwide Series. Just like Richie Evans, I think it is very fitting that Jack Ingram is going into the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

I also love the fact that Maurice Petty is going into the Hall. If you look at the number of wins and championships that he is directly responsible for with his engine building, there is no doubt he should be alongside his brother and father in the Hall.

With Dale Jarrett, there was no question in my mind that when he became eligible for the Hall that he would be voted in. You simply don't win thirty-some races, three Daytona 500s and a NASCAR Sprint Cup championship and not deserve a place in the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

I also love the balance in that we went back and recognized the pioneers of our sport. Let's face it: If it not for them, where would we be today? Fireball Roberts and Tim Flock definitely deserve to take their place in our NASCAR Hall of Fame.

That's why I said earlier that I really like the balance brought to this voting class. It has the old, the new and different eras of NASCAR represented. It's just not all drivers, and I think that is a very good thing for the Hall as a whole.

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