Gaze upon the crippling sadness of crying Kentucky saxophone player

Published Mar. 19, 2016 8:04 p.m. EDT

Kentucky was bounced from the NCAA Tournament with a 73-67 upset loss to Indiana on Saturday. 

Another way of saying that is that two basketball teams played each other and one of them lost because someone had to. One season is over, while the other continues on, at least for another couple of days or so. Barring any acts from a vengeful God, the sun is still coming up tomorrow. 

Sad Kentucky Saxophone Player isn't trying to hear any of that. Sad Kentucky Saxophone Player just watched her beloved Wildcats get sent to an early Spring Break, and no amount of logic or reason or bromides will be of any consolation to her because she is inconsolable. 

We have all been Sad Kentucky Saxophone Player at one point or another. 


Let it out. Just let it all out. We all thought Kentucky was going deep this year too (kind of, maybe).