Watch Tim Cahill earn a red card while waiting to be subbed into the game

Tim Cahill is a lot of fun to watch.

He’s a great goal-scorer, sure, but he always seems to be getting himself into ridiculous situations. There was that time he injured himself on a goal celebration and that time the ball boy trolled his goal celebration.

But on Saturday, Melbourne City’s Cahill didn’t even get on the pitch before he did something kind of dumb. He got ejected from an intense Melbourne Derby … while waiting to be subbed into the match.

That’s pretty impressive. Even when Cahill isn’t on the pitch, he manages to spice up the Melbourne Derby.

It’s unclear what exactly Cahill said from the sideline to earn a red card, but if he hadn’t even checked into the game and the ref still sent him off, we can assume it was, uh, rather colorful. Cahill seemed to have an issue with a goal Melbourne Victory had scored, a goal that would eventually be the 2-1 game-winner.

At least Cahill earning the red before he checked in meant that Melbourne City did not have to play with 10 men. Instead, they were just one man short on the bench for the rest of the game.

The lesson here is clear: If you’re going to earn a red card, try to do it before entering the game.