Are the Dodgers suffering a World Series hangover?

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Are the Dodgers suffering a World Series hangover?

MIKE POMERANZ: Just on the Padres and the Dodgers. It'll be the first time that the Padres have played in Dodger Stadium this year. The Dodgers have not been what I think a lot of people have come to expect, a lot of reasons why. And here are just a few. Corey Seager, he's done for the year now with that Tommy John surgery. Kenley Jansen hasn't been himself. And Justin Turner's just now returning.

MARK SWEENEY: Yeah, the thing about Justin Turner to me was the injury during spring training where this team got really nervous. And then the start in April, what really didn't feel very good. They're only 10 and 14 at Chavez Ravine. So that is pretty interesting. Kenley Jansen, as you see, two blown saves. That's eye popping because of how good he was last year.

But it really is a dip in velocity at the end of the game. He's much better recently. But you think about that and having the ability to not have Corey Seager at shortstop. Those are things that really didn't happen last year. A lot went right for the Dodgers this year. It's been very challenging to get their identity.

MIKE POMERANZ: Recently, though, they've been playing a little bit better. They're 6 and 1 in their last seven ball games. As you saw there earlier in the show, I think there's 3 and 1/2 now off the pace behind Colorado. Nobody seems to want to win this division yet. But somebody is probably going to get hot. It could rest on the arm of Clayton Kershaw.

MARK SWEENEY: Sure does. And Clayton Kershaw, to me, is the best pitcher in the game of baseball. When healthy. But the last three years, he's been on the disabled list. Two years in a row, it was the back problems. This year, you see the left bicep tendinitis. And he's also giving up home runs now. The velocity has dipped a little bit. He still has that ability to rip off some very important games for the Dodgers when healthy. But he's not off the disabled list yet. He has to do that. But also be the Clayton Kershaw that's the Sy Young Award winner, and be very dominant for this team to really take that next step.

MIKE POMERANZ: So offensively, clearly challenge Matt Kemp right now, their leading hitter, Corey Seager, is at a line up, as you pointed out for the duration of the year. So they're leaning on a couple of guys who aren't playing as well right now as they showed last year. And as Chris Taylor and Cody Bellinger.

MARK SWEENEY: Yeah, last year, it was a consistent lineup for the most part for Dave Roberts. This year, with the struggles of Chris Taylor and Cody Bellinger, it really has been very different. Even Taylor, you could pencil him in last year in the lead off position. Dave Roberts has had to switch that out. He's not doing as much as he has been. They haven't been as hot. And like I said, Mike, this team couldn't do anything wrong last year. This year, it's very different. Obviously, they didn't have a Justin Turner for a majority of that.

But when it comes down to it, these guys have to step up and be the normal guys. That last year, career years, that's what it takes to get to the World Series. This year, they have had a drop off. And you wonder if that is a World Series hangover.

MIKE POMERANZ: Well Taylor and Bellinger each hitting in the 240s right now, and neither showing the power that they had last year. But we'll see how the rest of the season shakes out.