Should the Carolina Hurricanes Change Their Home Uniform From Red to Black?

Should the Carolina Hurricanes make the #Redvolution the #Blackvolution in 2017-18? Fans might be ready for a change.

Today on Twitter, reports are indicating the coinciding with the National Hockey League’s switch from Reebok to Adidas as the league’s jersey manufacture, all teams will only have two uniforms, a home and away. That means no more alternates (at least during the 2017-18 season). For the Carolina Hurricanes, that means its time to retire to beloved black alternates. Or does it?

Now in its eighth year of existence, the black alternates have become a fan favorite in Carolina. So much so that the team wears the threads in over a quarter of the team’s home games. The uniforms also are the only one’s that still have the classic Canes number style and the undeniably unique checkerboard striping on the bottom. They aren’t as much a novelty as they were originally, but now are a serious mainstay in the clubs identity.

It isn’t just nostalgia that puts the blacks near and dear to Caniac nation’s hearts. It is also the success the team has in the sweaters. Debuting in 2008, these jerseys have seen their fair share of bad Hurricanes teams. Yet, despite being used during a long, rough patch in Canes history, the team has an amazing 61-34-9 record in the black alternates. This includes last night’s victory over Boston.

An argument can be made that it isn’t the black jerseys that inspire success, but rather the fact they are alternates and thus a special occasion. However, that idea of novelty would have likely worn off after a few seasons. Instead the Canes have seen repeated success in all black. For whatever reason, the boys play more aggressively and more inspired while cloaked in black.

All of this begs the question, which jersey do the Canes drop for next season? It is safe to assume the white road uniform is safe. It’s overall popularity with the fan base is good and it would extremely unlikely to see a team with a non-white road uniform. That leaves the home red or the alternate black.

The marketing (which we took a look at recently) the past two season has been all about the #Redvolution. The pun has been emblematic of the team’s positive turnover and growth, but its clear the team’s focus has been more about the roster revolution than a team branding revolution. Could it be time for a total revolution? Is it time to drop the red?

Go ahead and express your view and vote in our Twitter poll below. #Redvolution or #Blackvolution in 2017-18?

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