Man in full goalie uniform robs cases from Canadian beer store

The Manitoba Canadian Royal Mounted Police are on the lookout for two men who robbed a beer store in Russell, Manitoba on August 15.

It's not an unusual crime, until you factor in the one guy wearing a full hockey goalie uniform AND carrying a stick.

Per the Ottawa Citizen, the men were captured on store surveillance shattering the front door of the store and making off with several cases of beer. The “goalie” wore a No. 17 jersey, a blocker pad and a trapper mitt.

Nothing about this makes sense. Why do you wear all that? Why have a trapper mitt and a stick when you have to carry things? Finger prints? That's the only quasi reason I can think of.

Anyways, the RCMP are looking for help from anyone who has a lead or has “played against a goalie matching this description.”

And now, a question: Is this the most Canadian crime? I'm not a historian, but it has to be up there.

Dan is on Twitter. Goalie crime is up and no one is talking about it.