Von Miller is really into chickens

Von Miller is serious about this chicken thing.

The poultry science major turned Pro Bowl linebacker made news

last week when he announced his intentions of


target="_blank">becoming a chicken capitalist.

Now he’s made his love of barnyard fowls permanent


target="_blank">with a new tattoo, which he apparently is

calling “Chicken Fried.”

Von Miller's New Tattoo


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According to the

target="_blank">Instagram description, the new artwork came

from Love N Hate Elite Tattoo Studio in Denver. But it’s hardly

Miller’s only ink, and it’s not even his only chicken-themed


Back in June 2011, Miller

target="_blank">showed off this tattoo featuring a chicken


Von Miller Chicken Tattoo 2


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At the very least, we’ll always know the answer to the

age-old question of which came first, but something tells me this

latest chicken tattoo won’t be Miller’s last.