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ANNOUNCER: We are here at that 38th play-in of the US Mid-Amateur championship match. This is Brett Boner at the first, playing Steward Hagestad, the champion here at the Mid-Am two years ago. This at the 7th, now 1 down. And he will take it with a birdie at the par 5.

ANNOUNCER: And the birdie.

ANNOUNCER: Boner second on the way here at the 10th.

ANNOUNCER: And good control there for Boner's second shot under the hill, and that's about as straight as you could ask for it.

Beautiful little cutoff follow through right underneath the hole. And again, just a perfect place to putt from.

ANNOUNCER: With an opportunity to make a birdie here and square this match back up.

ANNOUNCER: Big putt there for Brett Boner.

How about this guy. 44 years old, putting like he's a youngster, bomb.

ANNOUNCER: And from 1 yard closer than Stewart had, 107 yards looking straight down this flagstick.

ANNOUNCER: See what he's made of. Tracer showing right at it. Oh, what a shot. The hometown hero here stuffs it into 5 feet.

He birdied it around this morning. Did he do it again? Brett Boner walks it in.

ANNOUNCER: That is just incredible.