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ANNOUNCER: Good look for birdie here. Firefighter from California buries that one right in the center. Kyler Sauer.

Beautiful little cutoff follow through right underneath the hole. And again, just a perfect place to putt from.

Big putt there for Stewart Hagestad.

ANNOUNCER: With an opportunity to make a birdie here and square this match back up.

ANNOUNCER: Big putt there for Brett Boner.

ANNOUNCER: Pitching wedge for 85 yards off the upslope.

ANNOUNCER: Real time to put more pressure on Sauer with a good iron, and he did.

ANNOUNCER: This is the side of the hole Hagestad putted from, and he left it short.

ANNOUNCER: Big shot there, Kevin O'Connell. Making an enormous comeback.

How about this guy. 44 years old, putting like he's a youngster, bomb.


ANNOUNCER: What a par. Are you kidding me? Now O'Connell, this his second.

ANNOUNCER: Perfectly placed there by O'Connell. He's hit some gorgeous iron shots using that slope kind of like the approach out on number 10. I'm getting to like this guy's swing.

ANNOUNCER: Kevin O'Connell for birdie to win the hole. And Kevin O'Connell, the comeback continues. Somehow Sauer makes par at 15.

ANNOUNCER: He doesn't have the luxury of playing this safe out to the left.

SPECTATOR: Go just a little.

SPECTATOR: Get up, go.

ANNOUNCER: What a shot.


ANNOUNCER: Stewart Hagestad had to pull that off.

Birdied it around this morning. Did he do it again? Brett Boner walks it in.

ANNOUNCER: That is just incredible.

ANNOUNCER: And the 30-year-old is through. Kevin O'Connell will join Brett Boner.