Kristen Gillman talks with Holly Sonders after winnings 2018 U.S. Women’s Amateur

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Kristen Gillman talks with Holly Sonders after winning her 2nd U.S. Women's Amateur Championship.

[APPLAUSE] - You want to keep it or do you want to put it back on the podium for a second?

- I'll put it back.

- It's beautiful. Robert Cox trophy. Kristin, congratulations. A fantastic week, from start to finish today you were in control. It's like you've done this before or something, right?

- Yeah. No, it was a while ago, but I just had to keep telling myself I've done this before so I can do it again.

- And what made it go so smoothly? The last two matches before this, took it in 19 holes and you only were leading on that final green. Today, why was it so easy?

- I think those last two matches were too stressful and I decided that I'm just-- from right off the gate, I'm just going to go out there and try and make as many birdies as I can and just get up as many as I can at the 18 so I don't have to stress as much on the second 18.

- And how special was it today to share this win alongside your future teammate Jeon?

- Yeah, it was amazing. She is a great player and I really enjoy playing with her and I'm excited to be teammates.

- That Alabama team is looking pretty strong this fall. What's the plan going forward? When are you headed back to school?

- I'll go home for about a week and then I'll go back to school and get everything started and I'm excited to start college golf again.

- And what does it mean to you to add your name to that storied list of other champions who have won multiple times like Juli Inkster, JoAnne Carner? Now you're part of that.

- Yeah. It feels amazing. I never thought that I'd be able to do it twice, especially after the first one and everything I went through, and so it's an incredible feeling to be able to win it twice.

- Kristen, a very deserving champion. Congratulations, again.

- Thank you.

- Ladies and gentlemen, your 2018 US Women's Amateur Champion, Kristin Gilman.