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- That was one of my best-- well, it was my top golf experience, you know, of my career so far. I remember, [INAUDIBLE] from it and there was a lot of positives that I take away from that week. You know, just getting to the final match was, you know, an amazing experience. And there was a lot-- I'm just honored to be back here and get to play again in the end.


I've grown a lot from all that's happened. You know, I've had a lot of time away from golf with my injury and kind of got to reflect on my game and myself. And I feel like I'm a smarter golfer now. But just as a person, too, I appreciate the game more and able to have more fun when I'm out there playing because of it. So I'm not taking it for granted.

There was a time where I thought I would never play without pain again. And so being able to be pain free now and out playing is everything. And again, I'm just so thankful. You know, it's crazy. There's a lot I've learned along that way, but like I said, I'm thankful it happened. I'm excited to see how this week goes.