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- The 10th hole at the Golf Club of Tennessee, a picturesque beautiful par 3. It's one of those holes in the practice round, you don't even see the water. You don't think about the water. You see your target, you hit it to the flag It's kind of a no brainer hole.

Until you get into the championship. All of a sudden, it [SHRINKING NOISE] shrinks up. It becomes claustrophobic, and the target looks like about that big. It's a mid to long iron, and you can't feel the wind because it's protected by the trees.

The flag can fool you. It can be blowing one direction when, in fact, the wind's going the opposite direction. Distance control paramount, but also tricky here at the 10th. If you do find the putting surface, and you think OK, whew, pressure's off. Not so fast, my friends.

Wait till you get to the putting surface. There are basically four different greens in this one complex. And it's very conceivable, and probably going to happen, that you have an eight footer for birdie or par or bogey that has five feet of break. So come onto the green. Let's check it out.

So you think you got the hard part done now here at 10. You found the putting surface. Your hole high. Birdies-ville. Not even close. Watch this.

So fast, and you can't believe how much it breaks. Everything goes away from the slope. The water washes down this way. So from back to front, incredibly fast. What's tricky is how slow it can be from front to back.

So if I'm here, and I've got that back left hole location. Looks like I'm going to get it up there. It just doesn't quite make it, and next thing you know it's wandered itself all the way back down to the front of the green.

Par here on the 10th is a terrific score. Bogey sometimes is good enough. You have to stay out of the water, that's pretty obvious. But once you get on the green, two putts and let's move on.