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NARRATOR: James Driscoll was 3 down with three to play. After winning the 16th, his second shot at the par-5 17th.

JAMES DRISCOLL: I'm thinking, why couldn't I have laid up in the fairway? I mean, at that point I'm sitting there in the bunker with a pretty tough shot. And luckily I managed to get in on the green.

NARRATOR: Now Driscoll's fate is in Quinney's hand. Quinney for birdie at the 17th to win the match.

The pressure shifts to Driscoll, a birdie to win the 17th and extend the match.


ANNOUNCER: And we're going to 18. What an up and down for Driscoll from the bunker.

JAMES DRISCOLL: I'll tell you, when that putt went in, that's probably the most fired up I've ever been on a golf course.

JEFF QUINNEY: I was in shock because he had made these marvelous recovery shots. And, you know, he blocks it in the tree on 18. I'm in the driver's seat again.

NARRATOR: So now Quinney who, once again, has a putt to win the match. Driscoll gets another chance.


ANNOUNCER: And we go to the first.

- He's hit two clutch putts in a row, 17 and 18, with his tournament on the line, and he came up big. And got myself settled down, talked to my caddie and just said, hey, let's go win it on the first playoff hole.

ANNOUNCER: Oh, it almost went in the hole!


JAMES DRISCOLL: We were both very similar distances from the hole. And I was like, you know, let's just-- you want to just go to the next hole? And he looked up and said sure.

NARRATOR: Ultimately, play was suspended overnight because of darkness, and they would have to return on Monday morning.

JEFF QUINNEY: I knew that just wake up Monday morning and go out and I could erase all the mistakes I did.


ANNOUNCER: Yes, it is over! Wow! Jeff Quinney is the 100th US Amateur champion.

JEFF QUINNEY: It has just been amazing. I mean, a couple of years ago I was watching Tiger play Steve Scott in Pumpkin Ridge behind the ropes. And to be inside on the final day, winning the championship, has just been, you know, a life-changing event for me.