David Toms talks with Curtis Strange after winning the 2018 U.S. Senior Open

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David Toms talks with Curtis Strange after winning the 39th annual U.S. Senior Open by one stroke at 3-under par.

- It is now my honor to present the medal and this magnificent silver trophy to the 39th US Senior Open Champion David Toms.




- Congratulations, my friend.

- Thank you, Captain.

- You haven't won in seven years on the PGA Tour. How special is this to win your national Open?

- Well, um, well, first of all, it's been a long time, obviously, last time I held a trophy. To do it at a USGA event is even more special. I didn't really have the patience for US Opens early in my career.

I got better at it as my career went on. Never won one, but I got close. But to finally have won just means that my patience are probably where they need to be finally.

CURTIS STRANGE: Well, I know it's always a family affair with you. And when Scott Gneiser, your caddy, couldn't go the first two days, it must have been a thrill to have Carter on the bag.

- Yeah, I mean, it's always great to have your family. Summertime's really the only time I have my family out. And to have Carter on the bag-- you know, I got off to a bad start on Friday. And he said, you're going to make bogeys in a US Open.

And I was like, it sounded like something I tell him before he used to play. But certainly he was a big part of it. And to have Scottie back and healthy the last two days, that's what got me over the hump.

- Let's go back today to 16. There was a gaggle of guys out there at two-under-par, you included. How big was that pitching wedge at 16 and then the putt for birdie?

- Yeah, I looked up at the leaderboard there and, you know, I knew that was 17. That was a tough hole. So I knew to make a birdie, it'd probably happen on that hole. And I had uphill a pretty straight putt, and I could hit it firm into the mountain. And I made it right in the middle, and then how about that drive on 17?

CURTIS STRANGE: Are we sick of talking about the mountain this week?

- Oh, yeah, well, I got up against a mountain in that bunker on 17 and had to-- had to make a break putt. But what a great week this was. The fans were tremendous. Now I know why all these LSU people come here in the summertime to get out of Louisiana, and it's a great spot. So thank you so much.

CURTIS STRANGE: Congratulations, it's a joy.

- Thank you.

CURTIS STRANGE: Thanks, again.

- Thank you.