Joe Buck and Paul Azinger wrap up the 2018 US Senior Open

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Joe Buck and Paul Azinger give their final thoughts on the 2018 US Senior Open.

- Man, there's nothing easy about what those guys were trying to do today. The golf course really showed its teeth today, didn't it?

- Yeah, it did. Joe Buck and Paul Azinger with you. This has been such a fun week here in Colorado Springs. I mean, the Broadmoor and this resort is unbelievable.

The golf course was so hard. And as we said yesterday and the day before, it's going to take somebody to play really well down the stretch because the back nine of this golf course is so hard. And it was fun to watch David Toms navigate his way to this win.

- Well, he was in total control of his emotions all four rounds. You know, you could let your emotions get the best of you here. A US Open will do that to anybody. The rough was so thick and so deep.

And you knew somebody who was accurate off the tee-- if you look at the guys on the top, other than Petrovic-- those guys drove it dead straight, the next five guys. And as far as iron play, there's nobody better, in my opinion, than David Toms. And I feel like this is going to be a real spike of confidence for him as he moves forward.

I'm not sure if David still plays any on the regular tour. He could still compete out there, though, because he's long enough. But he's going-- he's going to do some damage out here.

- Yeah, he's 51 years old. He just won his first Champions Tour event. He is one of those guys that I think, as you go forward-- and he was neck in neck with Jerry Kelly, 51 years old as well. The average age of the winner of this championship is 52 years old. It's hard. It's a test, and that's why these younger guys-- so to speak, just about 50 years old-- usually end up winning this championship.

- And you wouldn't get a tougher test than this place. Playing at 6,200 feet of altitude is no easy thing. It was really hot the first two days, Joe. It cooled off beautifully the last two rounds, but it's hilly. I mean, it's hilly.

There's not a lot of great long walks from green to tee, which is kind of the saving grace. But you had to be in good shape. All those guys at the top, reasonably fit. And you know, again, I think probably of all the guys behind, it was going to be-- you know, the only guys that have won a major on that board were Davis Love and David Toms. And, yeah, he hadn't won in seven-plus years.