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[MUSIC PLAYING] - Medina, where I won, was a great golf course and a great club, a great ambience that existed. I holed a putt on number 17 that had that old green that used to slope like this. I mean, who ever designed that green must have had one leg shorter than the other. And I holed this, oh, eight-foot putt with a two-foot break, you couldn't-- it was a miracle it went in.

And then I go in the playoff, 18 holes. I played Bob Charles. I'm not sure if I didn't hit all 18 greens, or I hit 16 out of 18 greens and shot 68.

ANNOUNCER: Gary Player will win it. Four under par in the playoff.

- Just around the course, and I could hit it on the fairway, on the green, putting well, and went on to win, which was a great thrill for me to win at Medina.