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INTERVIEWER: We're here with Jerry Kelly, the leader after each round of the championship. Today, a one over par 71, four under par for the championship. Gerry, 13 fairways, 15 greens, 35 putts today, but you made the last one at 18. That's got to at least give you some confidence going into tomorrow.

JERRY KELLY: Yeah, it definitely helps. I hit a lot of good putts today. On that 12th hole, that was the only time that I kind of lost my head. Those things happen. I know exactly what I did, and told my caddie, don't worry about it. We'll be fine, and you know, I should've made a couple more coming in.

INTERVIEWER: I think it seemed to me like one of the crucial points of the round is how you responded from 12. Great up and down on 13, six pars coming in. Would you say that assessment is about right?

JERRY KELLY: Yeah, it was good. I mean, that was a great up and down on 13. That was tough, and then 18 was a great putt to finish. So yeah, I hung one on the lip, and I was a little short on one another. But overall, you know, I did what I wanted to do out there. I just didn't finish off the holes like I should have, and I take this into tomorrow. I keep striking it well. I can even strike it better, and hopefully make all the putts, all of them.

DAVID TOMS: To have any chance to try to make birdies, you have to keep the ball in play here. And I was able to do that, drove the ball extremely well, and the speed on the greens was really the key. Everybody's going to have some long putts, come to the pens you can't get to. And to be able to lag it there and just tap the next one in, it makes for a low stress round. And so that's kind of what we had out there.

I had some good up and downs. Almost chipped in a couple of times, so I felt good about my short game in general. And that will be the key tomorrow. Just continue to get myself in the fairway and get some opportunities. And you know, take them as they come, and try not to press. Even if you don't get off to a good start, you just you just have to hang in there because this place is a one shot at a time golf course.

INTERVIEWER: It seemed like the wind was really moving around on you guys out there. What were the conditions like?

- It was. It was everywhere. As the storms would come up, the wind would change. Temperature was really nice today though. We didn't have to worry about that, so that was a positive but made the golf course tough. At times, we had no wind at all, which was nice. We played probably half a dozen holes where the wind wasn't blowing, so you can attack pretty well. But just trying to figure it out made it difficult.