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NARRATOR: Colorado native and Broadmoor member Dale Douglass has played in a record 26 US Senior Opens, one more than Arnold Palmer. In 1986, he won the US Senior Open at [INAUDIBLE] Country Club in Columbus, Ohio.

- It was my first senior major. I won the tournament wire to wire.

ANNOUNCER: How sweet it is.

ANNOUNCER: Holy smokes.

ANNOUNCER: Oh, nice shot. Nice shot.

ANNOUNCER: Very, very nice.

ANNOUNCER: One over par round of 72 gives Dale Douglass of Pheonix, Arizona, and that's the first bit of humor from Dale today. Now, he can relax. The handshake from Gary [INAUDIBLE].

DALE DOUGLASS: I had confidence that I was going to win, or I was going to play-- I was going to do well. I never felt like I was the winner, but I felt like the winner had to beat me.


My thought always was to expect success. And if I enter a tournament, and I expect success, I may not be the best player there or [INAUDIBLE], but I feel like I'm going to have a chance to contend. I am a USGA champion. I say it to myself as I go to sleep at night.