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[MUSIC PLAYING] THOMAS PAGEL: Now, we're all used to seeing sprinkler heads near putting greens. Those sprinkler heads, they're immovable obstructions. And under the rules of golf, you get free relief if you have interference for your stance, your live ball, or your area of intended swing. Now here this week at the Broadmoor, we have a bit of a different situation, where we actually have sprinkler heads, or obstructions, on the putting green.

Under the rules, if your ball's on the putting green and you have an obstruction on your line of play, for example, here, you also get free relief, where the player's just going to place the ball at the nearest spot where it's no longer on their line of play. Again, free relief. Now what we're also going to see this week, we're going to have players just off the putting green. Again, because the ball's through the green, we don't have free relief.

However, we're using a local rule this week. And that local rule states if my ball's within two club lengths of that sprinkler head and the sprinkler head's on my line of play, I'm going to get free relief. So in this case, the player's just going to pick up the ball, drop it, and keep playing.


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