John Smoltz sits down with Holly Sonders after his 2nd round at the U.S. Senior Open

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John Smoltz talks with Holly Sonders after shooting 7-over par on Friday, bringing him to 22-over on the weekend

- I know you're an athlete. I know you'll think about the missed parts and miss fairways, but huge improvement over yesterday. You looked so much more comfortable. How'd you feel?

- Better. I've learned a lot. Man, I learned my game wasn't ready. But today was a battle. And I really tried to find a rhythm. I tried to hit three fairways in a row, I almost did that. But I learned so much more. It took too long for me to get comfortable. I felt like every time there was an opportunity to make a good shot, I would mess it up and felt terrible.

But I grinded and I feel so much better. And this will be something that I will, I will replay it when I go on the plane tomorrow, because I know I don't have to wait around for anything. But I had, I really did have a good time. I can't say enough about the folks here and the touring pros, because they were, there awesome.

- It was everything you thought it would be.

- Yes. And they were gracious and gave me advice and look, I don't have a routine. I got to learn a routine, I got to learn to practice, I got to learn do some things.

- Well, you also did some things very well today. Let's take a look back at some of your highlights. And one of those highlights, John, came very early in the round, your second hole of the day. You dropped this bomb.

- I needed it badly, because I messed up on hole number one from the fairway. And luckily it caught the hole. I would have been a little further back. And then I said I could home. I could go home after that.

- We heard you tell Bob Ford, I got my birdie, I can go home now.

- That was fun.

- It's a great reaction. We loved you wearing the mic the last two days, by the way, it was awesome. And now at the 12th, unbelievable shot from the thick rough.

- This is such a hard par-3. I thought I hit a good 6 iron and then that never left the pin.

- Oh, yeah.

- That felt good. And then I told the truck, that better be a loop for me when I get back to the booth. I want to see that in between innings.

- And it got even better at the 17th. This amazing save from the driving range.

- Yeah, this was in the rough. I, one bad hop and had to judge it. And luckily, judged it OK. And I was much better today on these kind of putts. Yesterday I didn't make one of them, and today I felt a little bit better with the putter, except for that last hole. I got a little nervous thinking I could one putt another green.

But what a challenge this golf is, and I hope if nothing else with the mic, it gave people a perspective on how hard it was. Because sometimes on TV it looks a little easier than it is, and everyone could think they could hit those shots. I'm telling you, these guys are the best in the world. And it brought some of them, brought me to my humbling knees, I could tell you that.