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HALE IRWIN: Well, I've always enjoyed the challenges that these kinds of events, these kinds of courses, the way they're prepared, the mental preparation, the physical preparation, what-- they're special. And in my life, I've always liked to put the special things in a special position, that they are special simply because I think they bring national recognition. They bring the traditions of golf more to the fore than maybe other normal events might.

Much of my career has been highlighted by the more difficult courses. That's just something I've responded to. This was home for a good long time for me, in my development years.

Well, I was on a football scholarship. So that's a given. I did play golf in the spring. When someone comes to your home, when you're a senior high school, and says, here's a full ride football scholarship and there's nothing being offered on the golf side, guess what? You take what's available.

My son, Steve, he lives in Denver. So he's not too far away. He's bringing down his two girls, and his wife will be down this weekend. My daughter, she's visiting here with her fiance and her two boys, one of whom is caddying for me.

For me, it's to enjoy what I have, enjoy what we have here this week. And it's sort of the cradle of where I developed in my career. So if I can do that, then it's, regardless of what happens, it will be a win.