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[MUSIC PLAYING] NED MICHAELS: One of the terrific features here at The Broadmoor, this iconic layout with the green complexes. I'm here on the 18th long putt here. Not much to it, really. Just halfway between me and the shadow of the flag, in the hole. Oh, I like this one. I like it a lot. Yes. Yes. Oh, no.

- Ned?

- Oh, Russ Miller, the director of golf here at The Broadmoor. I need some help.

- I'm going to give you some experienced help on this. You've been affected by the mystique of the mountain.

- Well, they say it breaks away from the mountain? But the mountains are everywhere.

- They are, but there's one secret. There's a shrine up there called the Will Rogers' Shrine. You have to find it first, not just the mountain.

NED MICHAELS: Can you show me how?

- I sure can.

- Please. I need all the help I can get. So where are you going to play this? How much break?

- I'm going to play about 7 feet to the right, very quick putt.


- That's not getting there, Russ.

- It will eventually.

NED MICHAELS: Come on. I could go have a cup of coffee, make breakfast, and look at this.

- And it's not just the long putts that are affected by the mystique of the mountain. It's the short ones, also. Five foot away, look, stand straight, and let's see what happens.

- OK, show me.


That looks dead straight and it broke 5 and 1/2 inches.

- It did. Once again, the mystique of Will Rogers' Shrine.

- Ross, thank you for the insights.

- Thank you.