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THOMAS PAGEL: Now, it's tough to think about championship golf here at the Broadmoor without thinking about nature. And with nature, we have animals. Back in 2008 at the US Senior Open, the 13th and 14th hole were visited by a bear during play.

ANNOUNCER: Whoa. You think this golf course isn't tough? Try playing through him.

THOMAS PAGEL: Now, if you have an encounter with an animal at a golf course, just note, the rules are going to have you covered. The most common situation we see or we hear about is your ball is at rest in the fairway. An animal, let's say a bird, or maybe a bear, picks it up and runs away. The rules, they're going to give you free relief. You're just going to replace a ball where the animal ran off with yours. Again, no penalty. Now here this week, we're actually using a local rule for hoof prints, because there's a lot of deer on property. Now, fairway through the green, if a player's ball has interference from a hoof print, player's going to get free relief for ground and repair. And on the putting green, player will be able to repair that damage just as if it's an old ball mark. So remember, we're outside. We're enjoying the game. You might have an encounter with an animal. But the rules have you covered.

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