Michigan State star Miles Bridges has unfinished business

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Michigan St. star Miles Bridges bucks the trend of one and done's. Bridges discusses his decision to return to school instead of going to the NBA after his freshman year.

- When Miles Bridges' freshman season ended, everyone from fans to Tom Izzo, even Bridges' mama expected him to join the list of one-and-done stars ahead to the NBA. But as our Bill Raftery discovered, the one person that didn't see that coming? Bridges himself.


- I want to thank God for this opportunity I get, to either reach my dreams in NBA, or stay here with my teammates. I got some unfinished business here, and I'm just saying, I wanna stay.


- Coming back, is it all you expected, or is it more?

- It's more. Just because I know I'll be having this much fun playing basketball with my teammates, and I know my teammates will be having this much fun, it's just, it's a special bond here.

- Everybody sort of shocked in the basketball world. Was it a relief to just get rid of that and move forward?

- It, it was a big load off my shoulders. 'Cause I was tired of keeping in, and I wanted to stay. And I wanted people to know that I was staying. My teammates stayed, most of them, they already knew, but it was a big load off my shoulders.

- When he said that, the first time he said, we're driving to Flint to meet his mother, and he said, you know, I don't think I want to go. I mean, I just thought he was leaving, you know? I really did.

I remember calling him the last day you could put your name in. And I said, are you sure? And he said, yeah.

He's unique, he's got a goal, he's got a mission, and he knows what he wants to accomplish.


- Tell us a little about your youth, learning the game, and what it meant to you in terms of your maturity.

- It was, it was hard growing up. Flint is not the best place to live. But I felt like if I didn't grow up there, then I wouldn't be as tough as I am now.

RAFTERY: And the city had that water crisis, and you were deeply involved, I'm sure.

- It was tough for me knowing that my mom, my sister, all my loved ones are still back there. But that kind of lit a fuel to my fire, it made made me go harder every game, every practice. Just so I could get better, so I could donate back, and give back to my city.


BIG SEAN: [SINGING] This is bigger than me. All I wanna do is make the city proud, yeah.

- Miles is my, as I call, my blue-collar superstar.


TOM IZZO: He's got humility to him like not many I have had. He's got a big heart, and a little ego, and that's a nice way to do it.

ANNOUNCER: Miles Bridges, they say this kid is just an amazing young man.


BIG SEAN: [SINGING] You gonna realize that this is bigger than me, yeah.

- I'm just blessed to have this opportunity just to play basketball. I never want to take anything for granted. That's why I try to have as much fun as I can. I'm happy to be on the court, happy to have the opportunity to be on the court with my teammates, with my coach. I couldn't picture myself in any other place.