Crying Villanova piccolo player perfectly sums up March Sadness

Your team has just been upset and knocked out of the NCAA tournament. But you have to keep playing your piccolo through your tears. The best you can hope for is that nobody notices.


One of TBS’ cameras caught a member of Villanova’s band crying while playing her instrument after the No. 1 seed Wildcats lost to eighth-seeded North Carolina State 71-68 on Saturday. Which meant that it ended up online.

Later, the piccolo player identified herself via Twitter and said her devotion to Villanova isn’t wavering.

The Internet hasn’t been too sympathetic to her. referenced "American Pie": "This one time … during the NCAA tournament, No. 1 seed Villanova lost to N.C. State and I became an Internet sensation when cameras showed me crying while playing my piccolo."

Deadspin provided a soundtrack for her pain with Celine Dion’s "My Heart Will Go On."

And there was a tweet or two.