Chris Broussard details what he needs to see from LeBron’s Cavs moving forward

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Chris Broussard joins Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor to discuss the Cleveland Cavaliers 112-90 win over the Detroit Pistons. Larry Nance Jr had a career night with 22 pts and 15 rebs. Chris Broussard says the Cavaliers are a ‘work in progress’.

- Have the Cavs fixed their issues?

- No. I mean, they're going to be a work in progress for the rest of the regular season. Because even if, let's say, theoretically they do fix their issues within the next two games, guess what? Kevin Love's coming back. So it's going to be adjustments throughout the regular season. And I think they will still win the East and as they're winning the East get full, get whole, if you will.

I like what I saw last night. I don't even-- I wish I could call them adjustments. But putting Larry Nance in the starting lineup, putting Rodney Hood in the starting lineup, those are just based on injuries. But I agree. Larry Nash's stay in the starting lineup, when Tristan gets back, bring him off the bench. When Love gets back, I'd have Love at the center, Nance at the four, and LeBron at the three because Nance, in addition to the energy, the athleticism, the activity, he's a scoring threat inside.

You saw last night that when he got offensive rebounds, he could score or win. LeBron or somebody drove and dished to Nance. He could finish. You don't do that with Tristan. Tristan's good at rebounding. But he gets it four feet from the basket, and he's looking to kick it out most times. And so Nance, I think, gives you some great energy in the starting lineup.

I think Hood should be starting. And JR, I'm sorry. It's just too much up and down. You have no idea what you're getting from him. And most nights it's nothing. Last night 0 points, 21 minutes, 0 points. How you do that in an NBA game as a legitimate starter?

So I think he needs to be coming off the bench. I think his streak shooting is built for coming off the bench. Now you've got a legitimate start. And if you don't, I get if Ty Lue's like, I don't want to lose him mentally, all that. But guess what? If you keep playing him and he keeps performing this poorly or this inconsistently, it's going to start to mess with Hood if he goes back to the bench, I think Clarkson.

Like, the guys behind him, if they see you rewarding a guy that's not producing, that can't help but mess with your mind. The things I want to see from the Cavs that'll make me think they're headed in the right direction, offensively, I think it was good, that there is a lot more cutting last night I thought Nance was cutting into the basket. LeBron is doing great as far as driving to the lane, cutting to the basket.

I just don't want him to be so three-point reliant, where if we don't hit threes, we lose. They're too good for that, right? They got enough guys now that can score on their own, where you don't have to just be three-ball reliant. And then defense, there's no excuse for them to not be a solid defensive team now. And last night they were good.

The night before against Denver, 54% shooting for the Nuggets. Two games earlier, Brooklyn shoots 54%. Like, they need defense and more balance offensively as far as the three ball, cutting and slashing, and things like that.