Skip Bayless declares that the Utah Jazz can threaten the Golden State Warriors

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Looking ahead to the 2018 NBA playoffs and drawing upon their 11-game win streak, Skip Bayless reveals to Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor why he believes the high-flying sensation Donovan Mitchell can lead Ricky Rubio, Rudy Gobert and the Utah Jazz to potentially upset Steph, KD and the Golden State Warriors for supremacy of the West. Is Skip's theory on Utah even remotely possible?

- So now, I'm back to the murderers row that can be the Western Conference playoffs.

- Yes.

- And I am looking at a team that I brought up on this show and I'm going to bring them up again as another threat to Golden State, that could at least soften up Golden State before they get to Oklahoma City. It's the Utah Jazz. I'm going to say it again.

- Oh, no.

- They've won 11 in a row. You don't care. You know what, you should check them out. You should check them out tonight against Portland, because they have an incredibly favorable schedule over the next 14 games, and I'm not going to say they're going to win 25 in a row, but I think they're going to win like 23 out of 25.

- Minnesota could possibly soften them up with that big old line up that they got. Because they go Anthony Towns, they go Taj, they can go Jimmy Buckets, they can go Wiggins. So a big line up and you can pound them on the glass. But Utah? Oh, you like to stifle tower, huh? Rudy Gobert.

SKIP BAYLESS: No, I like the young killer who is Donovan Mitchell. That's who I like. Did you see what happened in the dunk contest? He just walked out and said you know what, this is over, I got this. I'm taking it over. Because I have arrived in the NBA. I did not see this--

- Larry Nance, Jr. Should have won.


- Larry Nance, Jr.

- No, no. It was Donovan Mitchell. He took it over.

- Skip, he did a dunk that what you call him did, just a couple of years ago.

SKIP BAYLESS: Actually, Dennis Smith was the best dunker in the contest, but he didn't pull off the most clever dunk. But the point is, Donovan Mitchell, I couldn't see him at Louisville last year, because everybody gets lost in Pitino's system. It's just a bunch of cogs playing full court press, you know? And all of a sudden, I start watching early this year, do you realize Donvan Mitchell has two 40 point games already, and four 30 point games?

SHANNON SHARPE: Oh, he can put the ball in the basket.

- This is serious. He is made of the right stuff.

SHANNON SHARPE: You think Utah?

- I'm just telling you, every time I watch him against the Spurs, I look back and say, wow.

- Maybe the Nuggets, with that three point shooting, and Jokic, maybe Minnesota, but Skip, really, when it comes down to it, you know what's going to happen. It's going to be Houston and Golden State in the finals, in the Western Conference finals. You know that, I know that.

- I don't know that, because I do not trust James Harden or Chris Paul when the lights are brightest.

- Where's that--

- Watch.

- Why is Utah--

- Watch.

- Watch Damian Lillard and CJ drop by 80 on Utah tonight.

- Maybe. We'll see. Stifle Tower, he's third in defense of win shares. I don't know. Ricky Rubio is playing at a high level.

- Really?

- You don't even know Joe Ingles is. But you ought to check him out. You ought to check him out. He can play.

- I know he's a left-hander. He be--

- He can play.

- --knockin' them [INAUDIBLE] 3's.

- Yeah. And why is I'm so hood now a Cavalier? Why is it?

- Because, we wanted [INAUDIBLE].

- Because they wanted to clear the decks. He was a powder, he wouldn't always play hurt, and they said, you know what, you can have him, Cleveland. You can have him, because we got Donovan Mitchell. They wanted to clear the decks so Donovan could just take this team over, and they needed a Jae Crowder just to be a cog on Utah.

- No, he ain't no cog.

- Well we'll see. Three and D.

- Hopefully, he'll do better for them than he did for the Cavs. Maybe they'll get that, maybe they'll get that Celtics Jae Crowder, than what they had in Cleveland. Because you already know, Skip. You could say like, I don't know what happened to Jae Crowder. I don't either.

- Utah is not so hood anymore. And there--

- Well, we up out of there.

- They're fine.

- That's all right. OK. You laugh, you talk about who's watching tonight.

- There's no hood in Utah.

- Watch it. Yeah, exactly.

- All right?

- Yeah, we had to go. Watch it tonight against Memphis. Drop by five 3's on them right quick.

- We'll see.

- Well, we'll get to see the Thunder and Golden State on Saturday.