Rob Parker: ‘Lonzo Ball so far has been a bust’

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Reflecting on Magic Johnson's latest comments that he has 'no regrets' about drafting Lonzo Ball, Rob Parker explains how Lakers' rookie Lonzo Ball has not lived up to Magic's expectations. Rob makes the case that Lonzo isn't even the best rookie on the team.

- Absolutely.

- Yep.

- And this is-- that was GM speak.

- Yeah.

- You've heard of coach speak when they say, yes, Magic had to say that from the standpoint of that was his first pick. He has to prove to everybody that he knows talent and all that. But Magic is as guilty as LaVar for all the stuff that you talked about. He was waving the pompoms as well, so people had a higher expectation. The notion about the Jason Kidd, people need to stop with the Jason Kidd thing. Jason Kidd--

CHRIS BROUSSARD: You don't think he's going to be close to that?

- No, but Jason Kidd, even his rookie year, everybody says, well Jason struggled his rookie shooting or whatever. Jason Kidd was Rookie of the Year, shared it with Grant Hill.


- Lonzo's not even in the conversation. I mean, really, he's not even the best rookie on his own team. Kyle Kuzma is. So all that stuff doesn't fit it. And I think maybe I'll give Magic a break. Maybe he misread the teleprompter during the press conference, and instead of saying he was the face of the franchise, he meant farce of the franchise.


And that's what probably happened. Because when you look at-- when you look at some of the numbers, really, you ready? And you say, he didn't get enough credit for the player he's been so far. Maybe he's been-- OK, here we go, and this is all rookies in the league this year.

Field goal percentage, 35%, worst of all rookies in the NBA. 3-point shooting, second worst, Josh Jackson's the only one who's shooting worse from 3 than Lonzo. Free throws, now of all things, OK, maybe your shot's not right. He's shooting 48%, the worst of all rookies. Everybody knows DeAndre Jordan, that was his bugaboo. He's shooting 60, and Lonzo's shooting 48.

So my point here is, Magic is saying these things, and you're right. If you want to move him or whatever, you can't trash the kid. But to say that he's lived up, and he's everything that you wanted could not be further from the truth. He has been a bust to this point.

And I'm talking about from the expectations and the sell job that Laker fans got, NBA America got, he's been a bust. And don't tell me you can't call a kid through his first season a bust. If I could look at Simmons in Philadelphia in his first season playing and say, this kid is something special and off the charts, I can look 30, 40 games in and say that Lonzo so far has been a bust.