Shannon Sharpe on Gordon Hayward’s tragic injury: ‘Your heart just breaks’

Shannon Sharpe discusses with Skip Bayless Gordon Hayward's tragic injury and what this means for him, the Boston Celtics and his career moving forward.

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- It's tough. It's really tough. I feel very comfortable in saying that Gordon Hayward probably put in the most work this off-season, because he's going to a new team. He's going with the hopes that he's going to be able to help this team get to Eastern Conference final, get to the finals and possibly win. So you knew he was in great shape, you knew he had put extra time in, because he wants to make a great showing. And to have it all this season for him come crashing down, what, five minutes into the ball game, that's very, very unfortunate.

And as, you know, Kyrie alluded to there are game-- a game to be played, but, Skip, your heart just breaks. Think about how many times Gordon Hayward is going up for an alley-oop, either dunked the ball, layed it up, grabbed the rebound. Think about how much jumping they do on a nightly basis, and it just-- this was one of the most freak accidents that I've seen.

Now, Paul George suffered a similar injury leading up to the world championship, and if you remember, all the guys started pulling out. Kevin Durant, all of a sudden, he wanted to wash his car. He like, uh-uh, I can't run that risk. They had a game to play. Cleveland had to put that aside. The Celtics, who it happened to one of their teammates, they had to put that aside, and go play a basketball game. And they are both to be commended for doing that, because the game was a very good game.

But Skip, my heart just breaks for this young man, because I know when you change teams, having gone through that, you want to make sure you're in your best possible shape. You ready to go play, because you want to make a great impression on your teammates and that fan base. And to have this wiped away five minutes into the ballgame.

I just hope there's no nerve damage. He's done for this year. He might not be--

SKIP BAYLESS: Are we sure about-- I don't know. We sure?

- I mean, he had a fracture and a broke broken tibia. Skip, he's not--

SKIP BAYLESS: He had-- he dislocated his ankle, but he fractured his tibia.

- Put it like this, Paul George incident happened in July. He came back for like the last week of the season.

SKIP BAYLESS: Yeah, it just depends if there's nerve damage.

- Right.


- And I'm saying hopefully it's not nerve damage-- any nerve damage, because, that's the thing, when you go start going down to lower extremities, that area doesn't get a whole lot of blood circulation to begin with. Talking to somebody that had a lot of ankle problems throughout my career. But I believe if there is no nerve damage, he's probably a year and a half or two years away from being the Gordon Hayward that we last saw in the NBA playoffs last year. But he's in for a long road to recovery, but there is no question in my mind, he's built of the right stuff to overcome this.

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