Daniel Cormier says he will end his career by fighting Jon Jones

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Daniel Cormier claims he'll fight Brock Lesnar next and finish his career by fighting Jon Jones at 205.

- Welcome back to TMZ Sports. Evan here with Van Lathan.

- What's going on?

- And Michael J Babcock.

- What's up?

- I will be going to a football game Friday night to watch two amazing Southern California teams. Van was supposed to come, he won't be there because he's going to go see a movie instead.

- He bailed on you?

- Yeah he bailed.

- The plan that you guys have been talking about?

- I know. For months.

- Shut up, Babcock.

- By the way, Michael Pitman's son is one of the top receivers in the country.

- Little baby Michael Pitman.

- That used to live under me in Woodland Hills.

- Oh right That sure is true. I like-- I like the Pitman kids. But I like the Saint Brown kids.

- Saint brown kids are insane. But they're not playing on Friday. Pitmans are. I'll be going to the game alone. That's fine.

Allright let's move on to Daniel Cormier, who tells CNN sports he's finally figured out how he's going to wrap his career. Now remember he says he's not going to fight a day after 40. He turns 40 in March. And that's a wrap. So he says he wants to fight Brock Lesnar, but there's another fight he could take before his career is over. I'm hoping he says Steve Bay the guy who he beat to take the heavyweight title.

- Arguably the greatest heavyweight in the UFC history.

- That's not going to happen. Watch this.

INTERVIEWER: Double champ Big Dana has come out to say he wants to make you and Jon Jones trilogy fight at heavyweight. Are you down for that?

- I want to fight those at 205.


- Yeah, because that's where he beat me.


- And he beat me at 205. I want to beat him where he beat me. And I think John and I are on the same wavelength in that sense. And we're never on the same wavelength. We don't to agree on anything. Daniel is a powerful guy but ultimately what we decide is what we're going to do. And if we both say we want to fight at 205, that's where we're going to fight.

INTERVIEWER: Now, you've said you only have to fights left. Who is it? Is it going to be Jones and Lesnar?

- Yeah.

INTERVIEWER: Or are you not going to give Steve Bay a rematch?

- If Lesnar can't fight, as I've said, I'd fight Steve Bay But it's going to be Jones, at least.

INTERVIEWER: OK, so Jones and Lesnar. - Jones and-- Lesnar and Jones.

INTERVIEWER: Oh, Lesnar first--

- Lesnar first. Jones Yeah.

INTERVIEWER: Jones after.

- Yeah.

- OK. Look I respect a lot of these. He's a great champion. He's a great dude. He beat Steve Bay fair and square. But the way he wants to wrap his career is Brock Lesnar first and then Jon Jones second. And then that's a wrap.

My problem with this is Steve Bay was a great heavyweight champ and people were saying he's in the conversation for the greatest heavyweight champion of all time, for sure. He beat guys like Alistair Overeem, Junior Dos Santos, Frances Ngannou. He lost to Cormier. I feel like if Cormier is going to take two more fights, like

- This, DC is the one retiring. Steve Bay he's been there done that, Kicked Steve Bay ass. He has unfinished business.

- Doesn't Steve Bay deserve a rematch?

- Nope.

- Nope.

- Because of his body of work and what he did.

- I completely disagree with you.

- I disagree, as well. He's got two more fights. He's going to, he's, out. He gets to make as much money as he can. And he's going to make more money for fighting those two guys. He went for fighting Steve Bay At this point it's about the retirement plan for his family.

- I respect that.

- Lesnar, Jones. Out of here, baby.

- I do respect that. I just, you know, why is he's setting this deadline for himself? Push it back three months and give it Steve a shot.

- No! He doesn't want to fight Steve Bay. He wants to fight Brock Lesnar.

- Is he afraid of Steve Bay?

- You, don't--

- Does he think--

- Don't.

- Does he think Steve Bay was a fluke? And he doesn't want to get back in the octagon?

- He whooped Steve Bay.

- He beat the piss out of Steve Bay.

- He did beat the piss out of Steve Bay.

- I like Steve Bay, though. Steve Bay came in here. He was such a nice man.

- He was very nice.

- Well, so is DC.

- DC hit me in the face with a pie.

- That's what this is all about, people.

- Listen, listen.

- Maybe.

- This is why. DC and Evan have a thing.

- This is what I'll say. I'll say that if he does fight Jon Jones again, he should watch out. He should be careful. We know what happened the last time.

- What is, what happened, Vin?