Nick Wright: ‘The gap between LeBron and the second-best player is as big as the gap has ever been’

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Nick Wright joins Colin Cowherd on today's show. Hear what they had to say about LeBron James and Kevin Durant.

- Every year at this time, there's the NBA GM survey. And as I said earlier, most people don't like conflict in life. They don't. They don't like to argue with people. You and I are considered highly outspoken. But people come up to us on the street, or in a restaurant, or a bar, or at a car wash, and they say nice things to us, because people don't want to be confrontational.

So when the NBA GM survey comes out, you can be honest, because you're anonymous. It's like social media. You can hide behind it. Well, what do you know? Everybody says they love Durant, but LeBron won eight categories and Durant won one. LeBron got second place in power forward. He doesn't even play the position. And it was like, this is the real gap between LeBron and KD. And when you ask GMs anonymously, they acknowledge it ain't close.

I looked at this and laughed. You were the first person I thought of with this. What was your reaction?

- Yeah. This is the most honest distillation of who LeBron James is. Who's the best leader in the league according to the guys putting together teams? LeBron. Who's the best passer in the league? Oh, it's LeBron. Who is the best small forward? LeBron. Who's the second best power forward? Oh, the same guy, LeBron. Who would I want to start my team with? He finished fourth in year 16, which is insanity.

The league decided, I would rather have LeBron than anyone taken in the last five drafts even though I would get them for an extra decade. The gap between him and the second best player is as big as the gap has ever been. And people act like that's an indictment on Durant. It is not. Durant is going to finish his career as one of the 15 greatest basketball players ever. Kevin Durant is going to finish his career as one of the five best pure scorers Ever

Unfortunately for him, there is still, aside from range shooting, not a single thing in the world on the basketball court he does better than LeBron. We know LeBron is a better passer. We know LeBron is a more versatile defender. We know LeBron is a better rebounder, a better leader, more of a clutch player according to any advanced metric or just raw number of playoff game winners. And we also know that actually, when you need a bucket, LeBron is the best guy in the league to get it.

Now, in this survey, it said take the final shot. Durant is a better shooter. But when it comes to getting a final bucket, we know who the best in the world is. And the guys putting together teams know who the best in the world is.