Colin Cowherd details why Marvin Bagley should be the No. 1 pick in Thursday’s NBA draft

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In his conversation about the upcoming NBA Draft, Colin Cowherd explains why Duke's Marvin Bagley should be the No. 1 pick.

- I would give up a million draft picks to get a great player. I'm not into draft picks. Everybody, ooh, I'm going to accumulate draft picks, accumulate draft picks. Danny Ainge has a zillion draft picks. He's hit one out of the park, Jayson Tatum. And by the way, Jayson Tatum, as much as I like him, next year, Kyrie's back, Gordon Hayward's back, Al Horford's back, Jayson Tatum's arguably the fourth best Celtic.

This year, everybody got hurt. He was elevated. They needed him. He played well. But when Kyrie comes back, he's not as good as Kyrie. Gordon Hayward comes back, probably not as good as Gordon Hayward. And right now, he's not as good as Al Horford. So I'm not a big draft pick guy.

Oh, Andrew Wiggins, what about him? No dog. Four years no league, no dog. I like veterans. I like old guys. I like tough guys. They fill out. They get tougher. They get angrier. They know the game. They manipulate refs. I'm a big fan.

That's why I don't talk about the NBA Draft much. But it's tomorrow. So I just want to put my-- my stake on the one player I think is going to be really, really good. Now, when I say really, really good, not taking over the league. But I put my-- I put my stake on Ben Simmons a couple of years ago. I'm like, this guy's really good.

Now, the guy I'm going to tell you in this draft is not going to be as good as Ben Simmons. But he's going to be really, really good. And I think he's obviously the number one pick. It's Marvin Begley at Duke.

Jay Bilas has got to tell you all these guys are great. ESPN's going to oversell every international player, they always do. They're going to-- they're going to-- they're going to sell you on the international guys. By the way, the all-time top 10 international guys, Rick Smits is on the list, in the history of the NBA. If he's on your top 10 list, it ain't much of a list, OK?

International guys tend to be finesse. They're not as athletic. They're not as tough. There is no D-Wade comp in Europe. There is no Kobe, MJ, Magic, LeBron comp in Europe. Dirk Nowitzki, nice, finesse, kind of sort of close to KD. That's about it.

So I think the Luka Doncic kid is a-- is a little overrated. And I think the center at Arizona I like a lot. But he's a center. Marvin Begley, smooth, gifted, can shoot a jumper, can score low, is long, is coachable. I watched him six times. Every time I watched him, he was better. That tells me he's coachable. He's smart.

He knows his weaknesses. He builds on his strengths. This is my guy for the draft. You can have everybody else. I do like the Arizona center, but he's a center. He's going to be a little DeAndre Jordan. He's going to score a lot of points on lobs. But he's not going to be-- he's not going to be a guy, I believe in 10 years, is changing the league.

One guy in this draft. I love, Marvin Begley at Duke. I'm going all in on him. And you can have-- and by the way, everybody's going to tell you about the euro. Everybody's going to fall in love with all these bigs. They're bigs. It's 2018, Karl Anthony Towns couldn't make the playoffs. Oh, he did finally. One and done, out. Anthony Davis, six years, finally won a playoff series. Marvin Begley is my guy. I think in 10 years, you're looking at a multiple time All-Star.