For the first time, Colin Cowherd believes that a Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor UFC fight will take place

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Colin Cowherd stresses the importance of separating the artist from the art and places a greater than 50% chance that Floyd Mayweather agrees to fight Conor McGregor in the Octagon.

COLIN COWHERD: There was an event that happened. It actually wasn't scheduled. It wasn't scheduled. Conor McGregor went sort of nuts at the Barclays Center a couple of days before the big UFC card, which I watched Saturday. Story today is Floyd Mayweather if going to fight in the UFC. It appears to be happening.

Dana White quoted as saying, "It's going to happen. Floyd will fight." And for the first time, I actually believe it. Yes, Conor freaked out on Thursday-- otherwise known as the single most talked-about day, outside of the Mayweather Conor McGregor fight, in UFC history. Here's the thing about sports. I don't like Conor McGregor. And I don't like Floyd Mayweather.

But I can separate art from the artist. And I'm not telling you to. But I can watch a movie if I think the lead actress or the lead actor's a jerk. I watch football all the time, and I don't necessarily respect all the players and the things they believe in, and the things they've done. But for the first time, I actually believe Mayweather is going to fight, better than 50% chance.

Because right now, WrestleMania-- talked about. Boxing-- talked about. UFC-- not really talked about. Dana White needs Floyd Mayweather. And Dana White knows Thursday at the Barclays Center was not a bad thing for the UFC. In the history of the sport, it was the second most talked-about event-- a guy throwing a bike rack at a bus and injuring people.

I'm not pro- or anti-UFC. But when people freaked out about, my take away remains-- Mayweather and Conor McGregor, if they fought Friday night, 99% of my audience would watch. I don't pay my athletes to be babysitters. I don't elect my athletes like politicians.

They are entertainers, period. Mayweather-- don't like him. Look at his history-- gross. Conor-- juvenile, a bully. Thursday-- embarrassing. But I'll tell you this, I sat with a group of people Saturday night and watched the UFC fights. And you know what people are talking about, God I hope Mayweather fights Conor McGregor.

And nobody in that room really liked either. It's your choice. Can you separate art from artist? Michael Jordan-- gambling, infidelity, divorce, punched the teammate-- still sells more shoes than any basketball player. And people in LA, after Colorado, still stood and cheered for Kobe. I've made a decision. I pay for tickets and you entertain me. I'll separate art from artist, regardless if I really don't like either artist.