Jersey Boys: Colin Cowherd is ready to make good on his bet with Philly’s Joel Embiid

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Joined by Kristine Leahy, Colin Cowherd explains why he's ready to admit defeat on his bet with Joel Embiid. Hey Philadelphia 76ers, get that jersey ready!

- Also, you've got to bear with me on this story. It's kind of interesting. Back in October, we heard accounts, tweeted something that said abandon the process. This team ain't winning 40 games.

COLIN COWHERD: That was me. I said that.

INTERVIEWER: Yeah, that was you. You said that. So Joel Embiid liked this.


INTERVIEWER: Last night, after the 76ers beat the Hornets, which was their 39th win, meaning they are one win away from 40. And the reason that this is important is because let's go back to October, again, where someone tweeted you, if this team wins 40 games, you wear a Sixers jersey and say you was wrong on your show.

COLIN COWHERD: I said, deal.

INTERVIEWER: And then you said, deal. And Joel Embiid also liked that tweet last night. So Joel Embiid has been monitoring this situation, and it sounds like you are one win away from wearing a 76ers jersey on the show.

- I've never worn a jersey in the history of my--

- Life? No, you wore a Browns jersey. You talked about that earlier.

COLIN COWHERD: That was when I was a little kid.

INTERVIEWER: You were throwing the ball to yourself.

COLIN COWHERD: Yes. This would be the first time in my 30-year career I've worn-- I am so anti-Homer guy, but a bet is a bet. It looks like I'm going to lose my bet. And so I will wear, at least for a portion of the show--

- No, you got to wear it for the whole show.

COLIN COWHERD: No, I can't do that.

- Home or away?

- I actually like their white unis. I like their home unis.

- You're going to wear the white one. OK.

- Well there, they're wearing, that's Joel right there at home. I like their whites.

- I think you should let Joel choose what jersey to wear.

COLIN COWHERD: OK, that's fine.

- Maybe you should actually wear his jersey.

- If they send us one, the Sixers, I'll give them all sorts of love.


- Listen, I'm wrong every couple years. I have to acknowledge it.

- Right, right, right. I'm sure Joel's watching right now, so, you know, if we can get a jersey for you to wear.

COLIN COWHERD: So one more game, and I have to wear a Sixer's jersey.

- Oh wait, I just wanted to tell you one more thing about Joel Embiid. So it was his birthday over the weekend. This is important and plays a part in this. So he was in Miami, and they celebrated at LIV Nightclub. He had a bunch of celebrities there, Victoria's secret models. He spent about $12,000 on alcohol.

- Oh, good Lord.

- It's OK, though. He had plenty of time to rest, because they beat Charlotte yesterday, which got them their 39th win, so he was just fine. Celebrated, got some rest, he is still able to beat the Hornets.

- I will say this. The guy's-- jumps through the TV set in terms of personality.

- He sure does.

- He's funny. He's genuinely funny.

- I think he likes the show, too. He's going to like it even more when you're wearing his jersey.