Ray Lewis reveals why he calls NFL prospect Minkah Fitzpatrick a ‘culture changer’ and best in the draft

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Joining Colin Cowherd and Kristine Leahy on The Herd, Ray Lewis reveals why he calls NFL prospect Minkah Fitzpatrick a 'cultural game changer'. Do you agree with Ray?

- OK. So you got some film here. There's a bunch of players in the draft. There is one, in particular, that pops for you, that is special, and he's got a variety of skills. So go for it.

- Yeah, Minkah Fitzpatrick. I'm telling you, man, you know, you think about that hybrid, right? Corner slash safety, guy that can cover, guy that can tackle, guy that can blitz if you want to put him on blitz packages.

It's one thing about him, if you watch his athleticism, right? But it's something about his intellect. A bunch of people-- you know, I get it. Everybody want to say quarterbacks.

I want you to watch this, right? So look at where he's already disguising himself. He's back-- he's dropped below the man. Now, what I want you to pay attention to-- watch the way the quarterback never sees him. But when he gets halfway to him, one of the key components to a good blitzer is once you put your foot in the ground, they always tell you, make sure you aim for the top shoulder. Because if you don't aim for the top shouler, Ben Roethlisberger gets out of this.

- Right.

- Right? Because he sidesteps you. Watch his right foot after the third step. Go-- run it. Right there, upfield. Now look at his angle. Now watch where his angle goes. Quarterback has no chance to get away from him.

That's not-- that's not just athleticism, that's understanding where I'm weak at. If he does anything else, and comes inside, his help can't help him. If he stays outside, everything-- I've watched play after play-- oh, my gosh. I'll never forget 2009. Ben Roethlisberger. We playing him in Pittsburgh. And all IDB has to do is stay outside.

- And he doesn't.

- And he doesn't. He come inside. It's this type of play that makes this kid-- I'm telling you, right now, he's rated on the board. On some people's board, top five--

- Yeah.

- --right? Probably fifth pick. But I'm just telling you, overall, you talk about Cleveland having two picks.

- Yeah.

- Right?

- Well, my thing was-- a couple days ago, didn't I do a mock, and I had them taken Darnold and Minkah.

- And Minkah.

- To me, guys-- the quarterback changer and-- to me, Minkah is the one player in the draft you can't miss.

- You can't miss him. And he's a culture changer. It's one of the things. CJ Mosley is that. It's a lot of those Alabama players, because of the type of system that they come from is ran almost like a professional team.

- Yeah.

- So they study from a totally different level.

- By the way, Minkah came in to the National Football League-- excuse me, he came into Alabama as a freshman, played a-- you know, Nick Saban's a defensive back guy, and he played their key position in the secondary. And Nick gave it to him as a true freshman. And he's also a great special teams player. Like, remember Patrick Patterson that went to LSU?

- Absolutely.

- I remember Herm Edwards telling me this. He said, listen, there's a rookie, he'll be my best special teams player. By the second year, he'll be my best player. So this kid, to me, is Patrick Peterson. Maybe not quite as good as a corner, but just an incredibly instinctive, smart player.

- Absolutely. 100%

- All right, Ray Lewis. Good seeing you, bud.

- Appreciate you, brother.