Blazin’ 5: Colin’s picks for 2017-18 NFL Week 10

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Colin Cowherd has his picks for Week 10 in the NFL. Find out who he likes in the Vikings/Redskins, Chargers/Jaguars, Jets/Buccaneers, Saints/Bills and Cowboys/Falcons.

COLIN COWHERD: I'm not doing it just because they're popular. But I find, uh, the Cowboys fascinating this year. So they are one of the teams in our Blazing 5 every Friday during the football season. Here we go.


ANNOUNCER: Let's blaze it up.

ANNOUNCER: Fire it up.

ANNOUNCER: It's Colin's Blazin' 5. Vikings at Redskins.

COLIN COWHERD: Vikings minus 1. I'll take them against Washington, even though they're on the road. Redskins haven't exceeded 300 yards of total offense in the last two weeks. Why? They're all beat up.

And now you're facing a nasty Minnesota defense, healthy and off a bye. And during their four-game winning streak, the Vikings are pounding the football. I think Minnesota could win the rest of their games this year. Vikings, 24-20.

ANNOUNCER: Chargers at Jaguars.

COLIN COWHERD: Give me the L.A. Chargers plus 4 at Jacksonville. Listen, the Chargers' only loss in the last month was a 1 score loss to New England. The Chargers have a real big time pass rush. They are fourth in the NFL in sacks.

And Blake Bortles ranks 32 out of 33 quarterbacks against the blitz. He is lousy against duress. I'm going to take L.A., 26-20. Take those points.

ANNOUNCER: Jets at Buccaneers.

COLIN COWHERD: I get points and Tampa at home against the Jets. Like it? I love it.

Listen, the Jets, they've been a nice story. But they're a bad road team. They have seven turnovers in their four road games and are allowing almost 400 yards per game.

And by the way, Ryan Fitzpatrick for the Bucs is an upgrade. Even though he's played limited duty, he's got a 96 passer rating-- four TDs, two picks, and completing almost 63% of his throws.

He's a better quarterback right now in his career than Jameis Winston. You don't think it. It's true. I'll take the Bucks and the points. They win 28-23.

ANNOUNCER: Saints at Bills.

COLIN COWHERD: Man, do I like Buffalo this week, getting 2.5 at home against the Saints. Look at Buffalo's schedule over the next month-- at the Chargers, at Kansas City, New England. They know this is their season.

And New Orleans is a young roster. Over the Saints' six-game winning streak, they're averaging 140 yards rushing per game. That's not happening here. This is a legitimate rush defense by Buffalo. Tied for fifth in scoring-- the Bills circling this game, make or breaks their season. I like the points-- 26-22, Buffalo.

ANNOUNCER: Cowboys at Falcons.

COLIN COWHERD: I'm taking the Cowboys. You know, I-- I don't know what I was thinking last week. I'll take the Cowboys plus a field goal.

This is a major advantage-- Cowboys o-line and d-line play. And the Falcons are 1 in 4 when they allow 100 plus rushing yards.

Okay, the Cowboys are averaging over 180 yards rushing in the last five. And by the way, the Cowboys, one of these weird teams-- they're almost better on the road. I'll take Dallas. Zeke or no Zeke-- doesn't matter to me. 34-26 over the wildly inconsistent Falcons that have no identity on offense.