Colin reveals what Lonzo Ball and LeBron James could accomplish together

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Colin Cowherd says that since Lonzo Ball has the ability to elevate the Lakers' culture and LeBron James' style of play is more like Magic Johnson's than Michael Jordan's, the formation of of 'LeBronzo' on the Lakers makes perfect sense.

COLIN COWHERD: Michael Jordan didn't make teammates better. When Michael Jordan left the Bulls they went from 57 wins to 55. They were better with Michael than without clearly, but Michael Jordan didn't necessarily elevate other people. Magic Johnson and LeBron elevate other people. That's why I think Magic and LeBron have many gifts that Michael did not. Michael punched teammates, Michael was selfish. Even now it's all about, NBA is bad now, it was great then.

No it wasn't. Those pacer New York Knicks series had 70 free throws. They were boring. Go back and watch the game, not just the highlights. There were free throw contests with hard fouls. But I think Lonzo Ball and Ben Simmons-- they're going to make passing like Magic did. They're going to to make passing cool again. Steph Curry made the three point shot cool, Lonzo Ball's going to make passing cool. And Magic talked about him on Undisputed this morning.

- On the same level Witten, myself, Jason Kidd. He can see it before it even happens. Man, and he throws you that pass that you can just catch it and shoot it. And he can create a shot for a guy. See, that's different from a lot of guys in the league today. Only probably LeBron is only a few guys that can create a shot for somebody. He knows how to do that. He has that skill set.

COLIN COWHERD: I think he's a very special player. Now Lonzo is not a physical presence. In fact, I thought in the Summer League he didn't look to be in great shape in his personal Laker workout. He was not in great shape, he's not a great athlete. The kid that plays for Dallas, the rookie, Dennis Smith is his name, he's an athlete. He's going to be the next Westbrook, where I don't know if he makes others better. But the Dallas Mavericks drafted a kid from NC State named Dennis Smith. He is Westbrook.

I mean, you can't take your eyes off him. He's got a 46 inch vertical. He'll have a dozen dunks this year that will be YouTube. They'll get 5 million hits on YouTube. I don't think Dennis Smith elevates a culture like Ben Simmons could in Philadelphia and Lonzo Ball did and Magic did. There's just different types of players. LeBron is more giving, Jordan and Kobe-- We always compare LeBron to Michael. Kobe is Michael. LeBron's just a stronger, better defender than Magic. Those two are really very similar.