Marcellus Wiley does not agree with Whitlock: Le’Veon Bell is losing his negotiation

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Marcellus Wiley talks NFL on the show with Jason Whitlock. Hear what Marcellus had to say about Le'Veon Bell and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

- Marcellus-- big victory here, in my opinion, for Le'Veon Bell. He has won his contract dispute and put running backs back on the pedestal they belong.

- You can pound his table all you want. No way did he win this negotiation. No way. He didn't get what he wanted. How do you spell--


- Yet. OK. We can go yet, but let's live in your Whit law-- present. Let's spell Le'Veon Bell with a capital L. And that's what happened in these negotiations-- capital L. He didn't get what he wanted. The first thing he said was--

- Yet.

- --I want a long-term deal. Has he gotten a long-term deal yet, Todd Gurley-style? [BUZZER SOUND] OK, so let's move on. All right. Now you say, I'm gonna hold out. I'm not signing that franchise tender. I'm gonna hold as long as possible. We know what that means-- week 10. Ah, reports are he's coming back before week 10. If you're gonna rest, rest fully. How come you're not resting fully? Did you get what you wanted there? [BUZZER SOUND]

And then, last point is not only is he gonna come back early-- prematurely, if you're his agent-- he's coming back with the talk of, I want to be a Steeler for life, if they want me. So look, all the levels of this negotiation, or the bravado of the negotiation, he's fallen short on every one of them.