Bucky Brooks thinks Jimmy Garoppolo can expect to be challenged in 2018

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Bucky Brooks and Bryan Cox join Jason Whitlock and Doug Gottlieb to discuss the high expectations for Jimmy Garoppolo heading into the 2018 season.

- Completely disagree with Jalen Ramsey here. This team couldn't win again. And Jimmy Garoppolo takes over a quarterback, and they win five straight. And San Francisco, we've been watching them get their butts kicked for the last two or three years. We saw their offense look pathetic.

I don't see-- I'm just sorry. Jimmy G in five games established himself, to me, as one of the top young quarterbacks in the league. I can't knock him. I don't think he's overvalued, overrated at all.

- Neither do. I think two things. One, the division he played in was a little bit down. Seattle wasn't the juggernaut that they were before. LA played really well. And then Arizona was just a team.

So the competition, the 5-and-0 start was really good. The thing about the Jacksonville Jaguars, they were number two in scoring defense, number two in total defense. That was a really good defense.

But I don't know any quarterback that is not scheme driven. Every offense in the league is a scheme. So to say that is kind of like, duh.

Jacksonville defense is very good. But I give this guy credit. They're only going improve as he gets better weapons around him. Kyle Shanahan is a very good office coach. So they'll do a really good job. And I think because of the division, I think he'll do a really good job. So Jay was a little off base with me.

- I'm surprised that you would take that take because being a defensive coach, you know the second go around when you've seeing the guy. Now, we have opportune to really see what he is. Look, he was hot for five games. You didn't have any film on what they were doing with Kyle Shanahan, how he was going to use him, what his hot spots are, what his weaknesses are.

I think this will be the year where we see how good is Jimmy Garoppolo really because the book will be out on him. Everyone will be able to dig in to him and how he plays in this game. And then we'll be able to see how does he adjust to the adjustments?

- Overvalued in your opinion?

- A little bit, to be one of the top guys already. We've seen five games. I just think it's early to say that. Because if we go all the way back and we use your guy, Colin Kaepernick, Colin Kaepernick played well for year. We were ready to say that he was the next coming. And then over time we would say that-- some would say he's not that quarterback. Maybe it's the same with Jimmy Garoppolo.

- To make your point, they start out in Minnesota on the road, at home to the Lions. They go to Kansas City. Then they go to the Chargers. OK, those are at least two, if not three, playoff teams--

MALE SPEAKER: Oh, this year.

- --this year. So there will be some truth serum as to exactly how good he is. But I think it's more than just his production. And he was helped out by the NFL films thing where he's miked up, where we understood that it wasn't just he was out there playing.

He had prepared. He lead. He knew how to tell the wide receivers where to be, and the ball was exactly where he said. It was really kind of remarkable and eye opening to watch that a guy had that much command and control for a completely different offense in that short period of time. And I think NFL players are smart, and they watch the NFL Network.

They saw that video. And they're like, this dude looks and feels like a dude. Now, look, if you really want to break down the rankings, they got Carson Wentz third. He's coming off an ACL injury. He's been in the league for a year and a half.

- Let me tell you, that guy's the deal.


- He's the truth.

- Is ahead of Aaron Rodgers? You'd rather have Carson Wentz than Roger Rodgers? Right now?

- For the-- here's what I' going to say about that. Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback in football, period. But he missed most of the season with the shoulder. Carson Wentz, before he went down with the knee injury in the playoffs, that is a football playing [INAUDIBLE]. Don't underestimate how good that guy can be.

- Now go back to Jimmy G-- your point about Colin Kaepernick-- because-- remember, Ron Jaworski said he could be the greatest quarter-- I was right there with him. I thought, man, this dude may be the next John Elway. And Jim Harbaugh went away, and it all evaporated. One, Kyle Shanahan, I don't think, is going anywhere.

- No.

- So Jimmy G will have that benefit. And two, I just think Jimmy G is not a guy that made plays with his feet the way that Kaepernick did.

- No.

- Kaepernick bailed himself out a lot of times with his feet.

- Absolutely. And I think some of that is-- but I think the more film that you get on people, the more film that you have on Shanahan and how he's using his personnel at San Francisco, the more film you have on Jimmy Garoppolo and where he likes to work areas of the field, I think you will see defensive coordinators attack him differently. And then the test of time will be if he can adjust to the adjustments, then you anoint him as one of the best in the game. That's what it comes down to.

- I believe that he'll do it because sitting behind Tom Brady, here are your options. You either could have drafted a guy in the first round, or you could have got a guy that's semi had a little bit of experience. He had a three-game sample, not big. But to Doug's point, to get a guy to come in halfway through the season at the trade deadline, learn offense as well as he learned offense-- name who threw the ball to? I don't know anybody on [INAUDIBLE].

- No, that's the thing. They had no players. That's what Jason's point was. Like, I'm with you. I mean, how many times have we seen a quarterback have one really good season? But that was pretty amazing to change from the worst team in football to a team that's probably better than at least two to maybe four playoff teams by the end of the year when they had Jimmy G.