Jason Whitlock: Houston has been more impressive than Golden State in the playoffs

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Chris Broussard and Dahntay Jones join Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock to discuss whether Houston or Golden State has been more impressive.

- Whitlock, who's been more impressive, Golden State or Houston?

- Easy for me. The Rockets. They went to Utah and blew them out. Utah is one of the toughest places to play in the NBA. This is easy. Chris Paul, the way he's performing. They're not even really knocking down 3s, they're actually playing defense for a change.

- Time out. Houston got a break. So Houston opens with the best team they could face, Minnesota. Can't shoot 3s. Can't shoot 3s. Then they get Utah, whose best three point shooter Joe Ingles is sort of a defensive liability.

This has been great for Houston. If you could have picked teams, it'd be like, OK, give us Minnesota who's athletic with a big, but can't shoot a 3. Then give us Utah with a rookie shooting guard and outside of Joe Ingles not really a 3 team.

But Golden State is throttling a team that humiliated Portland. That Portland series, it was an underdog sweeping another team. These games are over.

- Golden didn't humiliate OKC? Right, they earned it.

- Well they beat them in six.

- They humiliated them and destroyed them?

- I don't want to take anything from the Rockets because they have been tremendous, but if I had to pick, I would go with the Warriors. Because to me, they're facing a better team. Utah is a great team but they've got one dynamic offensive player and he's a rookie. That's all you have to worry about. In New Orleans you got a Anthony Davis, Rajon Rondo, and Jrue Holiday, are all our all-star caliber players.

And so, that's a lot more to handle. And arguably your best player, your second best player Steph Curry, he's just working his way back from injury. Missed one of the games. So I think that they've overcome more obstacles.

- You don't like Golden State.

- It's not that I don't like Golden State. Alvin Gentry is running the same system as Golden State. They're playing themselves. He has personal.

- True story, impressed by Houston because Houston as you said, go into Utah and pull two decisive wins. And they did it on the defensive end. They came out and punched them in the mouth. And decided defensive tone to a defensive team. And I didn't think they could evolve in that way. I didn't think they prioritize defense as they did.

They held the team close to or under 90 points both games. They came out with a mission to defend and show the world that they can win games by not outscoring teams, and that's what they did.

- Since when were you impressed with Utah? I didn't hear you bring up Utah in the regular season.

- Here's what I thought Colin. Here's what everyone thought. When Utah won a game in Houston. Oh, Mike D'Antoni has shown back up. And there's going to be a problem. And all of a sudden--

- That was Dante saying that.

- I said that because I was impressed by a young team that wasn't supposed to win on Houston's floor. But then that young team also has an enormous home court advantage that most people can't play in, with the altitude and their home court fans. Like, it's tough.

- Now as we are seeing, it's like, they're taking defense serious. They stepped it up a level and Utah got their attention. And I think today we feel more confident that the Houston Golden State deal is going to be a very good competitive series. I feel more confident about Houston, not winning, just being competitive and having a chance to win.

- Listen, Anthony Davis is a real player. I mean, he's a Hall of Fame level talent eventually. And Golden State is just-- and by the way, Golden State's got layers. They're great defensively. They can play small. They can play bigger. They can be physical. Golden State is just sleeping and crushing people. The last two years.

- Their versatility offensively is incredible. Yesterday it was a mid-range clinic with Kevin Durant. That's why Andre Iguodala said it reminded him of Michael Jordan. He was hesitant to make that comparison. But that's what it was. It was dribble or two and going up with the mid-range shot.

Houston, Chris Paul has a mid-range attack to their arsenal. But for the most part it's still in the paint or the 3. I think Golden State is more impressive.

- But it's not impressive. Golden State's not impressive because that's the team that they are. They are dominant. They are a great team. They're a championship level team. It's not like it's the Utah Jazz, or the Philadelphia Sixers.

Oh, Ben Simmons is hitting mid-ranger jumpers, hitting 3s now. They are the best team in basketball. This is what they do. Kevin Durant does that on a nightly basis. He is what? Top three in the game right now? He knocks mid-range jumpers out. He can go to the basket and shoot 3s.

- But you're criticizing because they're great. Like, Golden State is the only dynasty in NBA, where we're kind of like, Yeah I mean, that's just what they do. We didn't judge them at the finals. We don't judge them that way. I'll give you that.

- Because Kevin Durant went over there after they won the championship. Let's don't forget that.

- After they loss that.

- After they won the championship.