Cowherd and Whitlock discuss if Loyola’s Cinderella run is good for college basketball

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Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock welcome in Bruce Feldman and Danny Kanell to talk about the NCAA Tournament. Is this year's Final Four good for the sport?

- Whitlock, do you think the run is good for college basketball?

- Not really. If-- again, if you're Sean McManus, he's already said it.

BRUCE FELDMAN: Who cares about Sean McManus? Nobody else is Sean McManus. He's one TV executive.

- He's paying billions for the tournament. And he's like, man, I'd rather have Kentucky or Duke.

- Well, that's his problem. He's not the one who fills out brackets. He's not the one who's watching the opening weekend. You will remember, you being the fans, will remember that story and Loyola, rather they're going to remember something else which--

JASON WHITLOCK: I'd rather remember Michael Jordan than Sister Jean. I'd rather remember Michael.

- Well, then you would've shut the TV off 30 years ago and forgot about a lot of other stuff.

- Can I argue this though? That Loyola of Chicago still sells the dream. A big part of this bracket is hope. Now, it's kind of delusional. I'll give you an example.

JASON WHITLOCK: They'll be back next year, by the way. Continue. I'm sorry.

- OK. Do you remember Outback Steakhouse?


- OK. They have a bloomin' onion. Now, the steak is still why there is Outback Steakhouse. But it's OK to have this little, little gem, this little thing on the menu that gets talked about. Hey, you want to go in--

BRUCE FELDMAN: So she's the bloomin' onion?

- I would say Loyola is the bloomin' onion of the menu. It's still about Duke, Kentucky, Kansas, Villanova. But there's nothing wrong with having an appetizer that draws some people in.

BRUCE FELDMAN: And all those things-- all those things whether it's the Eric Musselman story at Nevada the first weekend. And you see, you see a kid connection. You see something else. All those little flavors that make out the first two weeks--

JASON WHITLOCK: Sister Jean, though.

- McManus so-- I don't have any problem with a network exec saying that he wants the bigger, the one's that's gonna get the most eyeballs.

COLIN COWHERD: Yeah. Kentucky.

- He's a businessman too. But I think Mark Emmert should be doing backflips for this final four. Because you have the best of both worlds. You've got Cinderella. You've got the blue bloods. And you've got Michigan I don't know if can call them just a powerhouse as a brand, when you talk about blue, the go blue. But I think you have the perfect scenario for these four teams.

BRUCE FELDMAN: Also, don't you think the last month before this, when it was the March Madness run up, all you heard about was FBI, wiretaps Sean Miller, and all this other stuff. And now we're talking about a 98-year-old nun and a program, you know, the head coach came from the Rick Majerus tree, and there's a real collegey feel to this.


- And I think this will bring-- this is the kind of thing that brings people back. Don't be so cynical. This is the kind of thing that brings people back every year for March Madness.

- Buster Douglas has a place in boxing history. It's a tiny place. But when you name the 50 most memorable fighters he's in there and it matters. And for a night, for an hour, like Loyola's gonna--

JASON WHITLOCK: Colin, the only player we know on Loyola is Sister Jean.


- And she hasn't scored a point. She hasn't scored a point, and she's the star of the team. Again, I-- look, I actually think Loyola is going to be a baby Butler university. I think they're going to be back next year. I think they'll have a better chance next year.

- I'm getting a little Sister Jean fatigue, just a little bit. Just a little Sister Jean fatigue.

- Sister Jean has inspired my mother. My mother thinks she should be on TV running her mouth about sports too.

COLIN COWHERD: Bring her on.

- I just--

BRUCE FELDMAN: But if you want superheroes, we got the NBA for that. For three weeks we can embrace stories that are a little off the radar.

COLIN COWHERD: Yes. By the way, I don't want two Loyolas. I don't want three. I can take one.

- Sister Jean, I love you. I'm just kidding.