Jason Whitlock says it’s ‘crazy’ that Tiger Woods is favored to win the Masters

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Kristine Leahy and Jason McIntyre join Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock to discuss Tiger Woods' odds of winning the Masters.

- Cowherd, is it crazy that Tiger Woods is favored at Augusta?

- No. Golf is a really streaky sport. The last 16 majors have had 15 winners. And Tiger's hot, and Tiger's hitting 70 foot putts, and that's the way it is. I mean, it's just always been that way.

I mean, we know in basketball who's going to be good tonight. We know in football who's going to be going on Sunday. But golf is a mental game. Guys erode, guys swing. And I think Tiger's hot.

- You're talking to one of the Tiger Woods' biggest fans. It's crazy he's the favorite at the Masters. And I love the guy. I hope he wins the match. I hope he wins every tournament he's in.

It's crazy. It's an insult to Dustin Johnson, Justin Thomas, Jason Day. Again, it's great what Tiger did today.

- Why are they doing it?

- Well, I mean, probably Vegas entices people to bet. That's their number one objective.

- They're seeking you out.

- Yeah. But I just think they're wrong here. Obviously a lot of people are emotionally betting on Tiger or whatever. And so they've jiggered the odds that direction. But no. Listen, if he even wins this weekend, I don't think he should be the favorite. Again, winning the Arnold Palmer Invitational, coming in second last week at the Valspar Championship.

- You wouldn't think he'd be a favorite then?

No, because these other guys are really good. And the masters pressure is completely different. This course he dominated today or played well on today, he's won there eight times. It's made for him. He's comfortable there. And again, it's not that he's not comfortable at Augusta.

But the pressure at Augusta, I got to see it. As nice what he's doing in these regular tournaments, but in a major with all that history and all that pressure, I got to see it before I'm ready to say, oh, he's going to beat Dustin Johnson.

- Jason, you just described what's going to happen at the Masters. I mean, Tiger Woods owns the course, right? He's won there four times. How many times has Justin Thomas done well at the Masters? Dustin Johnson, has he won it? What are they going to feel like on Sunday if Tiger Woods is breathing down their neck? The pressure's going to be on them.

- That's a good point.

- Tiger. And one other thing on the gambling. I don't think it's crazy at all. All these people are in Vegas this weekend for the NCAA tournament, one of the biggest weekends of the year. Casual bettors betting on games. Oh yeah, give me 100 on Tiger, yeah, yeah, so I can go home and root for him next weekend. I'm not surprised at all. I think it's a great redemption story. And you know America, we love redemption stories.

- I'm shocked, Jason, that you're saying what you're saying because after you've been watching this thing the way that you have, I thought you'd be all in on Tiger being the favorite from here until the rest of time, that he would be so great. But I agree, this is completely Vegas doing it because it is in their best interest to have Tiger being favored.

But that said, he's 42. And I'm not ready for him to do poorly. I think it'd be great. If he can actually come back and do well, good for him. It's just going to take more than one weekend of him finishing second or even first for me to think that he's back.

- And listen, I think one thing that-- when you really dig in on what happened to golf-- you know, Tiger Woods we thought always going to bring all this diversity, skin color diversity to golf. And that's not what he did. What he did was get athletes like Dustin Johnson. He made it cool for athletes to play golf.

And so what I'm suggesting here is he's brought in some young talent into the game that wasn't there the first time around. And now he's in his 40s. I think Tiger can win the Masters, and I'll certainly be rooting for it. But the favorite, when you think of his real impact on the game, Roy McElroy-- even Sergio Garcia, and he's kind of older-- but these guys can really play.

And to think Tiger, because he did well last week and this week at a course that he dominates, now all of a sudden he's a favorite. I don't.

- Go back to McIntyre had a point, where these guys grew up idolizing Tiger, a lot of them. Tiger's used to the big crowds. Tiger last weekend, like the crowds exploded. The galleries were six times what anybody else else's gallery. So if you went to the Masters on a Saturday or a Sunday and you hear that roar, that roar has been missing from the tournament for four years.

Golf is a mental game. Tiger's lived in the roar. Dustin Johnson hasn't heard that, and all of a sudden he can hear it a hole away?

- Here's where I would push back. I think Tiger's peers were most overwhelmed by Tiger's aura and the crowd. But young people are dumb. And sometimes that's a blessing because they don't know what they don't know, and they're not moved by what you would think they'd be moved by.

Those roars, I think those young people are like, bring that on. This is great. This is the PGA tour I thought I was joining and going to play at where there was going to be this Tiger impact and we would be the coolest kids on the block. I think it will take their play to a higher level. I don't think they'll melt. And again, I think Tiger has a shot. But these young guys are good.