Jason Whitlock thinks the ‘Killer B’s’ have underachieved in Pittsburgh

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Greg Jennings, Ray Lewis, Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock talk Pittsburgh Steelers ahead of their playoff matchup with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

COLIN: Whitlock, have the killer B's, Ben, Bell, Brown, underachieved?

JASON: Yeah, I think that if you want to have a nickname, the killer B's, it would be like, you know, if Ray Lewis hadn't won two Super Bowls, would he be Ray Lewis? And no, he would be a great player, but it's the championships that make him a legend. And so we want to start talking about Big Ben, yesterday, like he's a legend. And he's won some Super Bowls, but one of them, he wasn't really much of a factor, the other one he was great, I'll give it to him. But again, the killer B's, if they want to establish themselves as legendary and right there with Franco Harris and Lynn Swann and Terry Bradshaw and those guys, you got to win championships. So I'll say it again, we got another ding of the legacy here if things don't happen against Jacksonville.

COLIN: Let me defend. I've been critical of Mike Tomlin, sometimes. Little loose, little emotion driven. First of all, they've won 67% of their games since they played together, and that's with a bunch injuries. Bell's been hurt, Antonio has been hurt, Big Ben's been beat up. That's a lot of wins, 67. Secondly, they've done some of this when they had to go against the greatest coach and quarterback ever. By the way, the other thing about these killer B's. The defense in Pittsburgh hasn't been good in five years. This isn't the same defense. So I mean--

JASON: You think-- was Ray playing with Joe Montana and Jerry Rice?

- No, I'm not saying that. No, but why didn't Ray win it every year? Because he didn't get enough help on offense.

JASON: He won it twice, and that's two more than the killer B's.

- OK. But again, the killer B's, Brown's still young, Bell's still young, and Ben's got three more years.

JASON: Ben's on his way out.

- The problem with the killer B's is the defense isn't killer. He's having to-- they're putting up great offensive numbers.

JASON: You can only be great on one side of the ball in this new era.

- I'm gonna defend Pittsburgh on this. The defense hasn't lived up to their side of the deal in the last four years.

- Go ahead, G.

- This is an easy question to answer. Yeah, they've underachieved. Any team feels like they underachieved if they don't get it done, bottom line.

RAY: Bottom line.

- Bottom line.

COLIN: What's getting it done? Super Bowl?

- Super Bowl.

- Come on, that's unreas--

- Super Bowl!


RAY: Why do you play the game?

- That's the only reason you play the game.

RAY: Why do you But the game?

- When you look-- when you look at it, when we look at it just in their division, can we sit here and say that they've underachieved? No, because they went against guys like Ray Lewis in Baltimore, and even once you left the Baltimore defense was still great. You look at Cincinnati, you say there's nobody else, you even talked about them being the bruiser division.

COLIN: Yeah.

- When they were even the central-- AFC central. Cincinnati, you can't knock Cincinnati. Martin Lewis knows how to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers.

- And Baltimore.

- He was-- exactly. He was with you. Like, he knows what they are. And so to get out of that division and still advance, it's a challenge. Any time-- I don't care you you have--

COLIN: But you said they're underachieving.

- Exactly. I've said that. They underachieve. Every team in the NFL feels like they underachieve if they don't bring back the Lombardi trophy.

COLIN: Has Green Bay underachieved? Aaron Rodgers--

- Aaron Rodgers, absolutely.

COLIN: Time out.

- Well, you said it, too.

COLIN: No, no, no. Time out. No, no. Aaron Rodgers has had one legit defense. Won the Super Bowl.

JASON: Well I didn't say Aaron Rodgers has underachieved. The Packers, as a group, with Aaron Rodgers, has underachieved.

- And they would admit to that.

- You can't separate his success--

- They've been to three NFC championships.

- And how many Super Bowls they brought home?

- Well, again, you guys. You're making the whole-- Charles Barkley, Dan Marino, it's hard to win Super Bowls.

RAY: Guess what?

COLIN: Think how great you were. You got two!

RAY: Guess what?

JASON: They underachieve.

RAY: Guess what? Guess what? Why you play the game?

- As many Super Bowl's as Belichick and Tom Brady have won together, you think if they lose this year, do you think they'd feel like, we achieved?

RAY: We made it.

COLIN: In the last two days.

RAY: We made it.


- They will feel like they'd underachieved.

COLIN: In the last two days, you--

JASON: I've converted them, go ahead.

COLIN: No, I mean, Big Ben is going to be a top 12 to 15 quarterback, ever.

- Yes.

COLIN: Period.

- Maybe.

- OK. And, by the way, so now he has these good offensive parts. OK, terrific. They don't play great defense. You're blaming Aaron Rodgers--

- If you're great, and a legend--

- You will overcome all of that.

- Yes.

- You will overcome all of that.

- And, Colin, I really think you're separating two totally different things. You keep going to a lot of guys with individual play. We're talking about, as a collective group, have they got it done?

- Well you're-- the question is, have the killer B's underachieved?

- Yeah, that's the collective group.

- The collective group.

- They haven't underachieved. The defense has. The killer B's have been amazing.

- When you lose, when it ends, you all walk out the same locker room ending.

- Yes.

- There's no, oh, guys, guess what? We done our job today, so you all can be said. No, everybody's sad.

- I don't like the way they--

- Let me say this. And again, I hate to gas up Ray. I don't like talking positively when he's around. But look, Ray had no offensive help. Trent Dilfer. And Shannon Sharpe was their lone offensive player, and they won a Super Bowl. And so the killer B's, these three, they're supposed to be as great as that defense of Rod Woodson, and Ray, and Siragusa, and that group. And they haven't got it done, and they need to get it done, and if they get smacked by Jacksonville, it's pretty embarrassing.

RAY: I tell you what. As close as I am to Ben and AB, you ask them that same question, their exact words will be, absolutely.

- Without a doubt.

- Because they play for rings.

- No, you know what Antonio Brown would say? Hold on a second, I'm going to Facebook live chat.