Tony Gonzalez: Signing Gruden is a great move, despite giving him contract that ‘makes no sense’

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Tony Gonzalez and Greg Jennings join Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock to discuss what Jon Gruden can bring to the Oakland Raiders.

- Whitlock, the Raiders, do they look desperate bringing Gruden back?

- No. They looked committed. They look smart. They look like somebody that wants to win championships again. What, they have two playoff appearances since he left? I think it's the right thing to do.

COLIN COWHERD: It feels like 75% marketing, 25% coach. Were the other candidates out of the league nine years? Were the other candidates TV stars? There's a little marketing to it. By the way, last year the Raiders brought in Marshawn Lynch. Why? Because they've lost the city. They're leaving. They're lame duck. The upper decks tarped off, so they brought in Marshawn under the guise of he'll make us tough. No, he'll sell tickets. This feels like a lot of ticket selling to me. Doesn't it?

- Jon Gruden is hungry, man.

GREG JENNINGS: Yeah, I think it will be ticket selling, but I don't think this was a move of desperation. This is a team that looks at their situation on the field from a personnel standpoint as, we have the talent, we just can't get over the hump. And we regressed drastically this year. Off of what we saw of them-- who they were last year-- this season was a complete and utter failure. And so to have the opportunity-- and, mind you, they've went after him several times, so this isn't the first time that they've tried to get Jon Gruden. He's been there. He understands the culture. He knows what it takes off offensively to get them over the hump. I like the decision.

And people talk about him being away from coaching. He's been in football. He hasn't been removed from football. Let's get this right. He sits down with every team every single year, and he looks at that head coach, that offensive coordinator, that defensive coordinator, and he's able to talk about everything that they do well, everything that they don't do well. And he's able to, then, watch a game and see and analyze himself what they do well, what they don't do well. He's been in coaching just from a different vantage point.

- Yeah. You know, do they look desperate? Yeah. I actually think they look desperate. But all the reason that you just so wonderfully said, this is a great move. I'm excited for the Raiders right now. Did they overpay? Absolutely.

JASON WHITLOCK: Without question.

- A 10-year deal for $100 million for a coach? That makes no sense. Obviously, that tells me right there they're desperate. But they chose the right guy. This is perfect. They're going to sell tickets, the culture of Oakland in Vegas, it's going to go perfect. I'm happy for Jon Gruden. He's living in a tax-free state. He's going to get a lot of that cash.

It's going to be great. He gets to be back in football. He gets to prove something now, that before wasn't a fluke. Because there's naysayers out there that say, before, look at your record, you're not that good. I like this. And he's stepping into a great situation with the players that they got their intact already. This is going to be good. I enjoyed it.

- The reason Sean McVay works to some degree is Jared Goff is talented enough to take his schemes and it works. Dan Quinn's worked in Atlanta because Matt Ryan is pretty good. The one thing Gruden has going for him, the rules are now offensive. Gruden is offensive. By the way, his brother who he communicates with well-- and he's got Derek Carr. Like, the move feels marketing-heavy to me, but there's a lot of things in his favor. His brother is an active NFL coach and he's got Derek Carr.

JASON WHITLOCK: I think the biggest thing in his favor is his ego. I think he's got a gigantic one. And he's not going to want to be embarrassed here. You know, again, I don't agree with the 10-year contract, as Tony said, because you need some pressure on your head coach. But I think Gruden will put the pressure on himself. He is not coming back and going to go eight-- he don't want to be any parts of Jeff Fisher, or anything like that.

COLIN COWHERD: You know, It is-- here's another thing. So he inherits Derek Carr. Like, you can win with Derek Carr, right? The other thing is, he's been working this draft for so many years, he actually knows the college players. You know how successful Pete Carroll was coming out of college, because he watched all the tape. There are a lot of things that tell you this could strangely work. And the other thing is, the. division right now. Denver doesn't have a quarterback. Kansas City's got a quarterback they don't love.

- Yeah, they're going on to a young one.